Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Lisette Larkins | Difficult People: A Gateway to Enlightenment


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                                                            S y n o p s i s

What if we could use the "difficult people" in our lives to learn how to live in the moment? Difficult people have been for most of us the bane of our existence. They annoy, hassle, and irritate us and provoke various degrees of unhealthy reaction. What few of us have realized is that they also mirror our own dysfunctional mental states and provide an opportunity to heal them. In Difficult People, Lisette Larkins tells how providing care for an Alzheimer's patient clearly showed her the inherent resistance in the way every mind objects to what is. It's the root cause of all our anguish and mental suffering. By observing its operation in her "difficult person," Larkins clearly saw the same mechanism alive within herself. The result is an intensely personal exploration of how everyday problems and the DP's in our lives can act as a catalyst for spiritual awakening. For Lisette Larkins, it was by being totally present and non-reactive that she could provide her patient with the needed care. This eventually became for her a "chronic state of well-being, one which we can all attain by practicing presence"   

                                                                    B i o 

After her initial surprise at being contacted by extraterrestrials, for more than three decades of contact experiences, Lisette Larkins has been implementing her ET mentors' counsel. As a result, she lives a dream life in Malibu, California, training at Cross Fit, volunteering with her therapy dog Kelly, writing new books, speaking and lecturing on abundance creation, creating new projects, and enjoying a life filled with laughter, abundance, and joy!

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