Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Christian Wilde | Turmeric, Hidden Causes of Heart Disease, & Stem Cell Heart Repair

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                                                                S y n o p s i s  

Christian Wilde discussed how turmeric has been shown to offer benefit to some 600 different health conditions, including Alzheimer's, depression, diabetes and MS. One of the most remarkable things about the spice is that it doesn't have side effects, he noted. Turmeric functions as an antioxidant, but also has antibacterial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, and antiviral properties, he detailed. Further, it can neutralize toxicity, and has been used in integrative medicine approaches for cancer, making the effects of chemotherapy less harmful. Turmeric has the ability to shut off the blood flow to tumors, and may reduce the spread of cancer, he continued. In China, turmeric has been used for nearly 5,000 years to treat depression, he cited, and works by mediating various neurotransmitters. Turmeric has a slight blood thinning effect so people on drugs such as Warfarin should check with their doctors before using, he cautioned. In order to monetize the beneficial qualities of turmeric, pharmaceutical companies are scrambling to synthesize the spice into a drug, Wilde reported.  

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Christian Wilde is an author/researcher who has appeared on hundreds of radio and TV shows. He has been a voice for adult stem cell research, documenting the progress since 2002. He has authored two landmark books, Hidden Causes of Heart Attack and Stroke and Miracle Stem Cell heart Repair he also authors the Christian Wilde Stem Cell and Turmeric Research Report, covering progress in FDA trials for more than 87 catastrophic diseases. The author's work has been supported by the Directors of stem cell research, cardiovascular disease and regenerative medicine at 11 major universities, including Columbia, University of Utah, Minnesota and UCSD. Before his endeavors into the medical arena Christian was an independent song writer and record producer for Warner Bros. Columbia, Capitol/EMI, United Artists and MCA/UNI records. His CD as singer/songwriter, Journey On Hold is in current release.

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