Friday, October 30, 2015

4 Incredibly Dumb Responses I Hear When I Say NO To Flu Shots

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Whether it be at the office, the pharmacy, or at a family gathering, flu shot pushers are the absolute worst. They are indoctrinated herd mentality with little to no flexibility over the matter. But what is worse is their detachment from my reasoning for not getting a flu shot.

Here are the dumbest assumptions pro-flu shot people make about me.

I don’t believe The Flu is a miserable experience. Actually, it really isn’t all that bad. Yeah, I said it, and I’m not sorry for saying it. When did the flu become terminal cancer? The answer is when flu vaccine makers realized they have a huge profit margin to gain by pushing this nonsense. This isn’t me saying that an elderly person has never succumb to the flu, this is me saying that flu vaccine marketing is relentlessly fear mongering us.

No one among us wants to get the flu, but it isn’t what it is made out to be. I’ve had the flu. I was down for 3 days, I drank water, I worked from home. I got rest. I watched some TV. I moaned a little. I complained a bit more. But it has been a rare experience for me to get it. I do a lot of natural things to prevent it, none of which involve a flu shot (here).

If you don’t get the flu vaccine, you don’t care about the people around you.
This is your typical divide and conquer style marketing. The kind of marketing intended to make you feel like an irresponsible sap walking about the earth harming everyone you encounter due to your being totally inept and careless. But none of that is true, because the flu vaccine fails every year. The only difference between the people who got flu shots and those of us who did not is that some people got flu shots. That’s it. They didn’t “prevent” anything at all. Most of them still get the flu.

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