Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Troy Hyyppa | Health Is In Your Hands: Unlocking the Healing Power Within

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Contrary to the medical establishment's opinion, health is in your hands. Troy Hyyppa helps us unlock the healing power within by explaining how the body really works and how it reacts to nutrition. The body is a formidable machine designed to create its own medicine and chemical compounds necessary for optimal operation. Most of the supplements consumed have negligible bioavailability (the rate in which the body absorbs nutrients) due to the fact large pharmaceutical corporations are purchasing natural supplement companies and are infusing the supplements with fillers, preservatives and synthetic additives in order to patent their products. Our bodies are designed to reject foreign antigens and inorganic material. We also discussed the importance of water in health. Drinking alkaline water may be counterproductive as our stomach produces hydrochloric acid. Therefore, out stomach needs to remain acid. By adding alkaline water we counteract these acids making the digestive process work more than it is necessary and produce more hydrochloric acid to counteract the alkaline water introduced.

Eating meat at night overworks our digestive system. We may think we are sleeping but our organs are busy digesting the meat. PH balancing is an important aspect of health. In order to measure pH balance one must measure urine and saliva 2.5 hours after eating and using two different strips. The ideal goal is 6.4 and the healthy range is 6.2 - 6.6. At 7.2 our body is not properly absorbing nutrients. At 7.6 our bodies are not absorbing nutrients or even oxygen.

The best water to drink is distilled water. Distilled water ejects all inorganic material. Second best is reverse osmosis. Alkaline water is not recommended as it alkalinizes our stomach acids preventing proper digestion. Contrary to public opinion cancer can and will grow in an alkaline environment.

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Before Troy Hyyppa's practice really began he would send his clients to the common health food stores to get the vitamins, minerals and supplements that he thought they needed and would ultimately help them in the long run. He soon found out that not one of them made any improvements. So he had to figure out if it was something that he was teaching people or if it was the natural food source or sources where the supplements where coming from because he knew that what he was teaching was sound because he's been trained in this area. He learned it was the food source and where everything was coming from that was initially the problem so he began collecting raw materials and started formulating his own products. You know what happened next? People started getting better! It was all from the use of raw food and real nutrition, real herbs that were coming from their original location. Troy's first step to better health is to begin hydrating yourself; we often forget that water is a liquid miracle, so start by drinking more water every day. The next step isn't always detoxification; more often than not more people have a lack of nutrition, so he recommends eliminating harmful products to help try alkalizing and remineralizing the system which is where his Lipto C program comes into play. The Lipto C provides straight nutrition to the body and then you can work on detoxifying as you begin to get better.

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