Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Robert Faust, Ph.D. | The Power of Fulvic Acid to Transform Health & Wellness

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Have you ever heard that your body will not use certain vitamins without the right amount of minerals, etc.? Fulvates are essential for vitamin and mineral absorption. For minerals to be effectively utilized by living organisms, they must first be converted from their colloidal or metallic state to a microscopic subcolloidal or ionized state. Before this process colloidal minerals and nutrients are to large for the body to easily absorbed and can be released as waste instead of absorbed and utilized by the body. This is why it is extremely important to have an organic (plant based) fulvate with all vitamin and mineral supplements. Before being complexed or chelated with organic fulvic acid, large colloidal minerals and nutrients are in suspension-too large for easy absorption by living cells. Once complexed with organic fulvates, colloidal minerals and nutrients are dissolved in solution and are therefore more bioavailable. Now as subcolloidal or ionized minerals and nutrients, these minute substances have become very small particles in highly charged energy groups. Therefore, researchers theorize that fulvates act as an electrical conductor, converting the chemical energy from minerals and nutrients into efficient electrical energy-essentially providing a trickle charge of energy that helps rebalance and recharge depleted cells, providing optimal energy potential for living organisms.

Fulvic acid/fulvates deliver vital nutrients to the gastroinstestinal system, bloodstream and cells. Fulvates eliminate toxins from the body. Fulvates serve a dual role within the human body. As a donor, fulvates deliver life force energy: substantial electrical energy, minerals and other nutrients to the body. As an acceptor, fulvates clear out toxins, energy depleted nutrients, and exhausted minerals from the cell. Fulvates build healthy a strong bones, enhances intestinal permeability to the minerals calcium, magnesium, iron, manganese, zinc and sulfate. Enhance skeletal health by supporting the natural body processes that utilize calcium and all minerals for strong bones. Fulvates promote smooth supple skin" Promote healthy, supple skin when applied topically. 

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Agronomy, Integrated Pest Management Advisor/Agroecologist, Robert Faust's education includes conventional and alternative studies. Robert Faust attended the University of Delaware College of agriculture. His major was entomology and applied ecology. Later he received a B.S degree from University of the State of N.Y, an accredited university in Albany, N.Y. His Masters of Science is in Agronomy where his thesis was field research on the use of ecological and organic methods for crop production and the use of humates and bio-based fertilizers in large-scale production in Idaho. The studies and research were under the supervision of Professor John I. Mosher who was Robert Faust's mentor for his M.S and PhD studies. The PhD work included studies of agro-ecological concepts and development of an integrated biological system for production of fungal biomass used for livestock feed and methods described for extraction of fungal biomass for medicines. The thesis was an original plan and concept, in detail, of solar pond technology combined with an integrated system of biomass conversion, which produced aquaculture species as well as other by-products, derived from mass fungal culture methods. He received his PhD from Columbia Pacific University, an unaccredited alternative university in San Rafael, California authorized to grant degrees by the State of California. At the time organics was in its infancy and this was the only way to pursue alternative studies like organic and biodynamic agriculture or integrated biomass conversion systems. Dr. Mosher was the head of the biology department at the U. of N.Y at Brockport, N.Y. and was an expert on biodynamic agriculture with published papers on alternative agricultural methods. Dr. Faust was not interested in the status quo of agricultural institutions, which of course were going in the direction of chemical agriculture and the use of genetically engineered organisms. He wanted a different direction and was impressed by the Columbia Pacific University program and Dr. Mosher, who was a visiting professor at University of California at Bakersfield. Unfortunately the university closed in 2000. Dr. Faust lived in California for many years where he was a licensed pest control advisor and IPM specialist who advised organic farmers on soil and pest management, conducted contract bio-pesticide research, and was a commercial sales manager for Safer inc. a company that produced and sold alternative pest management products. Contract pest management research was done for Ecogen, Rhone-Poulenc, Ciba Geigy. He also conducted organic certification inspection and consulting with the organic farmers in Hawaii. Dr. Faust is a leading expert in agroecology providing integrated services throughout the world including the United States, Egypt, Belize, Jamaica and Mexico to assist in reducing dependency on chemical fertilizers and pesticides using new biotechnology and foliar fertilizers to increase crop yields and create sustainable systems.

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