Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Lee Milteer - Reclaim the Magic: The Real Secrets to Manifesting Anything You Want

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S y n o p s i s 

Our true magnificence is our internal power. Tonight, we discuss how to open up to our greater identity and go beyond our programmed boundaries. We are more than just human! We came to earth with the ability to create with our thoughts. We've just forgotten how. Tonight's discussion will evoke a consciousness shift and an awakening within you to manifest your heart's true desires. Do you want the tools and concepts to claim your natural birthright power as a manifestor, become fully conscious of the abilities you have within yourself, and evolve into your authentic being? You are a spirit in a human body and are much more powerful than you have been led to believe. Since birth, we have been programmed by society, schools, government, religions, and well-meaning but clueless people that we are a victim of circumstances. We have been trained to think, feel, and believe that we have no power. Nothing could be further from the truth. In reality, we are far from helpless. The truth is, power in life is 1 percent physical and 99 percent spiritual. We can release the victim role and instead, adopt the role of deliberate creator. It is a choice we can make that will transform our reality forever. With our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and use of our mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, and financial life energies, we can manifest anything we desire. 

B i o 

An internationally known and celebrated entrepreneur, visionary, bestselling author, awardwinning professional speaker, TV personality, and intuitive business mentor, Lee Milteer is a rare soul who lives and thrives in both the business and metaphysical worlds. As a Reiki healer and shaman, she runs the Lee Milteer School of Wisdom, where she teaches her students how to manifest on levels far beyond that of mainstream education or business.

Milteer has both spoken and presented seminars at Edgar Cayce's Association for Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E.), Baeth Davis's "Gifted" events, and personally worked with Robert Monroe, founder of The Monroe Institute (TMI)...all worldrenowned organizations providing experiential education programs facilitating the personal exploration of human consciousness. Lee has studied in Mystery Schools, the Rosicrucian Order, and with many private shamans, healers, and professional psychics.

Lee provides business and success advice and resources to nearly 250,000 people worldwide. She is the founder of the Millionaire Smarts® program, which supplies coaching for other coaches and businesses. Lee is partners with GKIC (GlazerKennedy Insider Circle) and runs the Peak PerformersImplementation Coaching program for entrepreneurs.

As a soughtafter speaker throughout North America and Europe in her role as president of Lee Milteer, Inc., Career Development Strategists, she has counseled and trained over a million people. Her presentations are so effective that organizations such as Walt Disney, AT&T, XEROX, IBM, Ford Motor Co., NASA, Federal Express, 3M, Sales & Marketing Executive International, plus hundreds of government agencies and scores of conventions, associations meetings, and nichemarketevent planners repeatedly retain her to inspire and motivate their audiences.

Lee has created and hosted educational programs airing on PBS and other cable networks throughout the U.S. and Canada. Her video seminars are distributed through the Mind Extension Universe (MEU) Network, reaching 350 of the top FORTUNE 500 companies and major universities. She has developed training films for Bell Telephone, the U.S. Navy, Dun & Bradstreet, the U.S. Air Force and many private companies, as well as hosting infomercials and TV commercials.

Lee has authored over 150 training, entrepreneurial, spiritual, and educational products over her over long career. Reinventing Your Life: Success SelfProgramming, one of Lee's many popular audio programs, sold over a million copies. And together with the famous marketing guru Dan Kennedy, she created the bestselling "Renegade Millionaire Program."

Milteer is a recognized awardwinning, bestselling audio and video author whose products have been endorsed by Nightingale Conant, SyberVision, CareerTrack, and GKIC. Author or coauthor of such popular books as Success Is An Inside Job, Spiritual Power Tools, Reach Your Career Dreams, Walking with the Wise for Entrepreneurs, The Secrets of Peak Performers One and Two, The Phenomenon: Achieve More in the Next 12 Months than the Previous 12 Years, Ultimate Entrepreneur Success Secrets, Walking with The Wise Overcoming Obstacles, and Women who Mean Business, Lee also has been featured in Woman Millionaires. Her programs are translated into Japanese, Russian, Dutch, Spanish, French, Italian and other languages.

Lee has been an expert guest on more than 700 TV and Radio shows on National and International TV and Radio around the world. Lee has been interviewed in newspapers, magazines and trade journals worldwide, including U.S.A. TODAY, The Wall Street Journal, and was recently featured in INC. magazine.

Lee is a well known and respected TV personality both nationally and internationally: She hosted the America's Premier Experts TV Show, which is aired on NBC, CBS, ABC, and Fox Affiliates. Lee also hosts Untamed Success: Positive TV, a WebBased TV Show. She has created and hosted educational programs airing on PBS and other cable networks throughout the U.S. and Canada.

In recognition of her achievements, Lee Milteer was awarded the title of Dame (Lady) of the Order of the Imperial and Charitable Order of Constantine the Great and Saint Helen, which is one of the Oldest Orders of Knighthood in the World.

Lee received an Honorary Doctorate in Motivational Theory from Commonwealth College. She attained top honors as "Highest Rated Speaker", presenting public seminars in over 100 cities annually while with CareerTrack, North America's premier seminar and training company. She was awarded the "Rising Star Award" by General Cassette Corporation, named "Most Outstanding Young Woman" by the Jaycees and "Most Professional Woman in Hampton Roads." She also received the Entrepreneurial Woman of the Year from the National Association of Women Business Owners for the Southeastern Chapter, and The Best of Virginia Beach in Training and Services. Lee's latest awards are: The Inside Business Women in Business Award, and the Inside Business & Regent University Entrepreneurial Excellence Award. Lee is not only an extraordinarily successful businesswoman and metaphysician, she is also a talented artist, writer, photographer and painter who has shown and sold her work in galleries and art shows.

Lee lives in Virginia Beach, Virginia on the Chesapeake Bay on the beach with her dog Angel, cat Midnight, and her husband Clifton. Her hobbies are painting, photography, reading, walking on the beach, and adventure traveling. Her favorite charities are the SPCA and animal rescue organizations. She owns her own office building where her Publishing Company, Lee Milteer Publishing office is located in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

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