Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Alie James | Secrets to Healthy and Ageless Living

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S y n o p s i s 

Although this interview reveals many secrets to healthy aging and ageless living, Alie James believes one of the most important secrets is finding out how to be "Selfless". Selflessness is a quality we need to reach our full potential as women; it helps us transform (or, "Make-Over") our lives and reach our goals of Healthy Aging &Ageless Beauty.

It's not about losing or giving up more of yourself than you already have; instead, it's about finding, and getting to know yourself - your true self - so that you can "truly" become selfless. The proverbial UGLY DUCK - We know how this story ends - beautiful swan, graceful in its metamorphosed state.

In case you're thinking that it's implied that you need a few humble words to escape an ugly life, or that  in any way that you are physically ugly; this couldn't be further Alie James' intention. The reference to the Ugly Duck is simply a metaphor about life - how we are beautiful from the moment we are "hatched', and that beauty emerges as a natural result of getting older.

Just like in Andersen's story of The Ugly Duckling - it took time for this ugly duck to reach its full potential, and grow up, and into a beautiful swan. Alie plans to give new meaning to the old expression - "Age before Beauty". Alie wants to show you how beauty naturally evolves as you "grow up, and into yourself" - like the ugly duck that naturally and effortlessly grew up and became a beautiful swan; in fact, this was the duck that got to experience the first "Duck Makeover". (Hmm, sounds the first Lucky Duck!)

Explaining how we can experience the same natural and effortless transformation is the emphasis of this book. Alie wants to share with you what she has  learned about Healthy Aging and Ageless Beauty over the last 30 years, and she hopes that these ideas will make it easier for YOU to get the most YOU can, out of the rest of your life.

B i o 
 From the words of Alie James:

Are you living your BEST life?

My goal in writing is to help you discover hidden issues holding you back from living your best life - a life, which should be healthy, joyful ... and effortless!

I believe we share many of the same hopes and dreams ... We all want to be Happy, Healthy, Beautiful, and Purposeful --

Especially as we get older and find out it's not quite as easy as it used to be! As an Author, I feel that I'm able to enhance the process for Personal Development & Spiritual growth.

I think of myself like a Connector - Connecting us to Each Other; and more importantly, trying to show us how to Connect to our Truest Self - the Soul and Spirit part of us that's sometimes so hard to reach.

I was a Geek long before it was trendy. I wrote research papers for fun in middle school, and while at Texas A&M University, learned to analyze and synthesize a vast array of scientific data.

Later in my career, after assisting over 50,000 people with their furniture and design needs, I found out that we all share a common dream ... to live our best life! Unfortunately, it's not that easy. That's where my motivation comes from - to write Self Help books that make it easier for my readers to live a healthier, happier, more beautiful life.

Over the years, I developed a unique style of writing. I use the concept of a Matrix, and place YOU in the center of it! By using the Matrix style, your ideas, thoughts, feelings, and intuition help you get the results you want. I've been told this approach produces amazing results and life changes!  

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