Tuesday, March 24, 2015

What Happens When You Put An Ice Cube On This Part Of Your Neck? Amazing Things. That’s What.


Today in more than meets the coconut….

You want to improve your health, of course you do. We all want that. You wouldn’t even be reading this site if you weren’t interested in such a thing. Stop eating processed foods, eat more coconut oil, do a little yoga and things do get better. But there is nothing wrong with a heath hack, is there? If you ask me, no way, there isn’t at all.

So I read a little bit about this special place on the back of the neck and how by placing an ice cube there, you could reap all these crazy great health benefits. We are talking about that pressure point at the base of your head at the top of your neck (just see the image, it is easier than explaining). Doing this is supposed to make you feel a whole heck of a lot better.
  1. Like how, you ask?
  2. Helps with colds
  3. Makes your brain sharper
  4. Better lung function
  5. Better sleep
  6. Helps the stomach
  7. Helps the thyroid
This all sound like crazy talk? Well, give it a try. You will need to lie on your stomach for it to work though (hopefully you would have figured that out). Many say do it in the morning on an empty stomach (sounds a lot like Oil Pulling!) To be honest, I’ve been doing it and it has felt pretty amazing.

For the rest of the story: http://makecoconutnotfat.com/happens-put-ice-cube-part-neck-amazing-things-thats/

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  1. Wow, that sounds pretty cool. I am going to try it.