Friday, March 27, 2015

ALERT: Frito Lay Chips Contain Poisonous Substance Found To Cause Damage In Children


Here’s an even better reason to put down that bag of potato chips: the Texas based company Frito-Lay has been selling food products containing Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide, a substance that has been scientifically linked to disrupting hormones, causing reproductive damage, digestive disorders and more.

If that isn’t off putting enough, the same Frito-Lay product, SunChips, has been shown to contain genetically modified ingredients (GM) and toxic pesticide-producing corn.

SunChips revealed in lab tests to consist of 100% genetically modified corn called Bt corn. Bt corn behaves like cancer and makes it’s own insecticide inside every cell of the plant it “treats”. It is an internal treatment and impossible to simply wash off of the crop. Bt corn is not a food product.

What Exactly is Bt Corn?

In animal tests Bt corn has proved extremely dangerous to consume; it causes organ damage, disturbance in function of the digestive system, immune system impairment, blood biochemistry disturbances and male reproductive organ damage. Bt corn is “supposed to break down” within the body, a lie; traces have been found in the blood of women and pregnant women.

Frito-Lays uses Monsato’s Roundup herbicide, pumping SunChips with high dosages of harmful Glyphosate, which has been linked to seriously distressing side effects. Glyphosate has been profiled as being damaging to the hormone system; it causes birth defects and infertility in women.

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