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Dr. Terry Gordon | No Storm Lasts Forever: Transforming Suffering Into Insight

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As a cardiologist, Dr. Terry Gordon dealt with life-and-death circumstances on a daily basis. He learned that life is precious and tenuous; it can change in an instant. Such a dramatic shift occurred when his son, Tyler, was involved in a car accident, sustaining a severe spinal-cord injury that left him paralyzed. Leading his family through the experience, Terry's journey resulted in a spiritual awakening to a clearer understanding of life and the truths it has to offer. Terry has learned that our experiences become calamities only if we make the conscious decision to make tragedies out of them. Rather than lamenting the so-called adversities, we can choose to be grateful for them, embracing them as gifts from the Divine. These gifts provide fertile soil for growth and enlightenment, offering us the opportunity to transform turmoil, disappointment, and suffering into understanding, insight, and resolve . . . and such gifts are presented to you in No Storm Lasts Forever.

                                              B i o 

Dr. Terry Gordon, a Cleveland Clinic-trained cardiologist, practiced within mainstream medicine for over two decades. Named the American Heart Association's National Physician of the Year in 2002, Terry is nationally recognized in matters of the heart. As a motivational speaker, he has shared the stage with Dr. Wayne Dyer; as a musician, he is the co-host of Docs Who Rock, a United Way event. He is currently spearheading a national campaign called The Josh Miller HEARTS Act, which will place Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) in every school in the country, protecting from sudden cardiac arrest our most precious resource: our children. 

Thinking About McDonald’s For Lunch? We’ll Give You 10 Reasons To Think Again


There are days where I just can’t bring myself to cook, which is where fast food can come in handy. But there’s one fast food joint that no one should visit: McDonalds. There are tons of disgusting additives and weird ingredients in that burger you’re about to munch on. Read on:

Ammonium Sulfate

Ammonium sulfate is used to fertilize soil and kill bugs. It’s also in the buns at McDonalds. You’ll be well fertilized and bug free! And also maybe pretty sick. Best to put the Big Mac down.

Silcone Oil

Chicken McNuggets have been shown in labs to contain dimethylpolysiloxane, or silicone oil. Silicone oil is used to produce contact lenses and other medical devices. McDonalds also had to recall a million chicken nuggets recently due to plastic being found in them. How delightful.


What the hell is this? Cystein-L is an amino acid that is synthesized from duck feathers. It helps to flavor the meat, bread, and pastries apparently. I never knew duck feathers could make fast food taste so much better. Quack!

For the rest of the story: http://simpleorganiclife.org/10-reasons-mcdonalds/

AncientBiotics - a medieval remedy for modern day superbugs?


A one thousand year old Anglo-Saxon remedy for eye infections which originates from a manuscript in the British Library has been found to kill the modern-day superbug MRSA in an unusual research collaboration at The University of Nottingham. 

Dr Christina Lee, an Anglo-Saxon expert from the School of English has enlisted the help of microbiologists from University’s Centre for Biomolecular Sciences to recreate a 10th century potion for eye infections from Bald’s Leechbook an Old English leatherbound volume in the British Library, to see if it really works as an antibacterial remedy. The Leechbook is widely thought of as one of the earliest known medical textbooks and contains Anglo-Saxon medical advice and recipes for medicines, salves and treatments. 

Early results on the 'potion', tested in vitro at Nottingham and backed up by mouse model tests at a university in the United States, are, in the words of the US collaborator, “astonishing”. The solution has had remarkable effects on Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) which is one of the most antibiotic-resistant bugs costing modern health services billions. 

For the rest of the story: http://www.nottingham.ac.uk/news/pressreleases/2015/march/ancientbiotics---a-medieval-remedy-for-modern-day-superbugs.aspx

Friday, March 27, 2015

ALERT: Frito Lay Chips Contain Poisonous Substance Found To Cause Damage In Children


Here’s an even better reason to put down that bag of potato chips: the Texas based company Frito-Lay has been selling food products containing Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide, a substance that has been scientifically linked to disrupting hormones, causing reproductive damage, digestive disorders and more.

If that isn’t off putting enough, the same Frito-Lay product, SunChips, has been shown to contain genetically modified ingredients (GM) and toxic pesticide-producing corn.

SunChips revealed in lab tests to consist of 100% genetically modified corn called Bt corn. Bt corn behaves like cancer and makes it’s own insecticide inside every cell of the plant it “treats”. It is an internal treatment and impossible to simply wash off of the crop. Bt corn is not a food product.

What Exactly is Bt Corn?

In animal tests Bt corn has proved extremely dangerous to consume; it causes organ damage, disturbance in function of the digestive system, immune system impairment, blood biochemistry disturbances and male reproductive organ damage. Bt corn is “supposed to break down” within the body, a lie; traces have been found in the blood of women and pregnant women.

Frito-Lays uses Monsato’s Roundup herbicide, pumping SunChips with high dosages of harmful Glyphosate, which has been linked to seriously distressing side effects. Glyphosate has been profiled as being damaging to the hormone system; it causes birth defects and infertility in women.

For the rest of the story: http://www.fhfn.org/alert-frito-lay-chips-contain-poisonous-substance-found-to-cause-damage-in-children/

Breaking: Newsweek: Scientists link Fluoridated water with ADHD, Obesity and Depression


Wow. We didn’t expect to see this in mainstream news.  Especially Newsweek (in their Tech and Science Section no less)  These are 2  studies just out about the dangers of fluoridated water. The first published study is at Toronto’s York University which finally shows the strong correlation between fluoridated water and ADHD. The second is at the UK’s Kent University in a study that shows that fluoridated water can negatively affect the thyroid causing severe weight gain and depression.
    New research shows there is a strong correlation between water fluoridation and the prevalence of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, or ADHD, in the United States. 
    It’s the first time that scientists have systematically studied the relationship between the behavioral disorder and fluoridation, the process wherein fluoride is added to water to prevent cavities. 
    The study, published in the journal Environmental Health, found that states with a higher portion of artificially fluoridated water had a higher prevalence of ADHD. This relationship held up across six different years examined. The authors, psychologists Christine Till and Ashley Malin at Toronto’s York University, looked at the prevalence of fluoridation by state in 1992 and rates of ADHD diagnoses in subsequent years.
Yes, you read that right. This relationship held up across six (6!) different years examined for ADHD. That’s pretty sobering.   Yet just the other day I had a “skeptic”  (I plan to reclaim that name as we are the real skeptics who are skeptical of things like fluoride) tell me that fluoridated water has been proven safe “beyond a shadow of a doubt” It was on a pretty popular thread I had with thousands of reads. What is more sad is that dozens of “skeptics” liked his post.  People blindly drinking the kool- aid (or in this case fluoridated water) telling themselves “science” has proven it so (Actually scientists are telling us now that it can make us fat, depressed and give us ADD)   Scientists and doctors used to tell us smoking was safe too.  Let’s give them another 50 years and see what the majority says about fluoridated water. Methinks they’ll shun it like cigarettes.

We also didn’t know that most Europeans have rejected the use of fluoridated water (interesting how Americans are deemed crazy for making such a suggestion) but in Europe? It’s the norm (that’s not counting the UK)

From the second article about the study which shows weight gain and depression as a direct result of fluoridated water:

For the rest of the story: http://www.healthnutnews.com/breaking-newsweek-scientists-link-fluoridated-water-with-adhd-obesity-and-depression/

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Top 10 Benfits Of Apple Juice


1. Promotes Heart Health: 

Apples are great source of super antioxidants – polyphenol and flavonoids – that are beneficial for heart’s health. Furthermore, it provides your body the important mineral, potassium which is also crucial for heart. So, taking one serving of apple juice every day facilitates the heart to function properly.

2. Prevents Asthma:

One of the unique advantages of apple is that it contains flavonoids. This imperative nutrient is well-known to prevent asthma attacks. In addition, flavonoids play significant role in making your lungs strong and effectual. It has been proven by latest research that the individuals who consume apple juice on regular basis have better lung function than others.

3. Cleanses Liver:

The alkalinity in apples assists in cleansing the destructive toxins/waste by-products from liver in addition to maintaining the pH levels of body. Pectin, present in apple’s skin promotes the digestive system.

4. Reduces Cholesterol:

Along with the other several benefits of apple juice, an important benefit is its assistance in lowering the cholesterol levels. Excess cholesterol levels in the body are a main cause behind numerous cardiovascular ailments. Thus, you can strengthen yourself against such diseases by consuming an apple or its juice every day.

For the rest of the story: http://www.stylecraze.com/articles/best-benefits-of-apple-juice/

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Scientists "Delete" HIV Virus From Human DNA For The First Time

1: Researchers Eliminate HIV Virus From Cultured Human Cells

Scientists used a DNA-snipping enzyme called Cas9 to cut out the virus.

The cell's gene repair machinery then takes over, soldering the loose ends of the genome back together – resulting in a virus-free cell.

Process could also be a cure for other latent infections, researchers say. 

Once HIV conquers a human cell, it will stay there forever. It inserts its deadly genome permanently into its victims' DNA, forcing them to require medical treatment for the rest of their life. But now, for the first time, researchers in Philadelphia have found a way to completely delete HIV from human cells by ‘snipping’ them out.

The team of Temple University School of Medicine said the breakthrough marks the first successful attempt to eliminate latent HIV-1 virus from human cells – and could be a cure for other latent infections.
    ‘This is one important step on the path toward a permanent cure for AIDS,' said Kamel Khalili, PhD, Professor and Chair of the Department of Neuroscience at Temple. 
    'It's an exciting discovery, but it's not yet ready to go into the clinic. It's a proof of concept that we're moving in the right direction,' he added.
In a study published by the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Dr Khalili and colleagues detail how they created molecular tools to delete the HIV-1 proviral DNA.

For the rest of the story: http://guff.com/glt-scientists-delete-hiv/20?ts_pid=2

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Greg S. Reid | Thoughts Are Things: Turning Your Ideas Into Realities

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[This is a member-only interview]

What mind-set determines whether or not a person will be successful? Do successful people think differently from those who never reach their potential? How can we change our thoughts so that the result of every thought—the offspring of thought—sets us up to win rather than lose? Bob Proctor and Greg S. Reid, authorized by the Napoleon Hill Foundation, delve deeply into the science and psychology of thought, and how thinking is vitally important to a meaningful, successful life. In their interviews with neuroscientists, cardiologists, spiritual teachers, and business leaders, the authors show in Thoughts Are Things how we can think to live!

This interview includes an impromptu appearance by the founder and CEO of UGG Boots.

B i o 

Bestselling Author. Acclaimed Speaker. Filmmaker Greg S. Reid is a natural entrepreneur known for his giving spirit and a knack for translating complicated situations into simple, digestible concepts. As an action-taking phenomenon, strategy turns into results fast and furious, and relationships are deep and rich in the space he orbits. Featured in over 48 books, 28 best sellers, 30 languages, five motion pictures, along with countless magazines, Greg shares that the most valuable lessons we learn, are also the easiest ones to apply. Recently, Greg has been hand selected by The Napoleon Hill Foundation to help carry on the teaching found in the bible of personal achievement.

What Happens When You Put An Ice Cube On This Part Of Your Neck? Amazing Things. That’s What.


Today in more than meets the coconut….

You want to improve your health, of course you do. We all want that. You wouldn’t even be reading this site if you weren’t interested in such a thing. Stop eating processed foods, eat more coconut oil, do a little yoga and things do get better. But there is nothing wrong with a heath hack, is there? If you ask me, no way, there isn’t at all.

So I read a little bit about this special place on the back of the neck and how by placing an ice cube there, you could reap all these crazy great health benefits. We are talking about that pressure point at the base of your head at the top of your neck (just see the image, it is easier than explaining). Doing this is supposed to make you feel a whole heck of a lot better.
  1. Like how, you ask?
  2. Helps with colds
  3. Makes your brain sharper
  4. Better lung function
  5. Better sleep
  6. Helps the stomach
  7. Helps the thyroid
This all sound like crazy talk? Well, give it a try. You will need to lie on your stomach for it to work though (hopefully you would have figured that out). Many say do it in the morning on an empty stomach (sounds a lot like Oil Pulling!) To be honest, I’ve been doing it and it has felt pretty amazing.

For the rest of the story: http://makecoconutnotfat.com/happens-put-ice-cube-part-neck-amazing-things-thats/

Surgeon Says Human Body Did Not Evolve


In a recent paper titled "Dissecting Darwinism," Baylor University Medical Center surgeon Joseph Kuhn described serious problems with Darwinian evolution.1 He first described how life could not possibly have come from chemicals alone, since the information residing in DNA required an input from outside of nature.2

He then addressed Darwinism's inability to account for the all-or-nothing structure of cellular systems, including the human body. As a medical doctor, Kuhn not only knows the general arrangement of the human body's visible parts, he also understands the interrelated biochemical systems that sustain and regulate all of those parts. He recognized that the human body contains an all-or-nothing system in which its core parts and biochemicals must exist all at once for the body to function.

Biochemist Michael Behe named these all-or-nothing systems "irreducibly complex."3 Removing a single core part from one of these systems keeps the entire system from working, and this implies that the system was initially built with all of its parts intact.

This is exactly what researchers expect to see if God purposely created living systems, rather than if natural processes accidentally built living systems bit-by-bit—as Darwinian philosophy maintains.
Kuhn cited the work of another medical doctor, Geoffrey Simmons, who described 17 "all or nothing" human body systems.4 These combine with many others to form the entire human body—a system of systems—that is irreducible at many levels, from gross anatomy to biochemistry. For example, just as a woman would die without her heart, she would also die without the vital blood biochemical hemoglobin.

But even an intact heart and hemoglobin need regulation. A heart that beats too fast or too slow can be just as lethal as having no heart, and a body that produces too much or too little hemoglobin can be equally unhealthy. Thus, the systems that regulate heartbeats and hemoglobin must also have been present from the beginning.

For the rest of the story: http://www.icr.org/article/surgeon-says-human-body-did-not-evolve/

Friday, March 20, 2015

Everything You Thought You Knew About Cholesterol Is Wrong

Cholesterol Level Myths Fat Butter Heart Toast Plate Knife 
En español l Ninety-nine million Americans have high cholesterol, and most of what they know about their condition is probably wrong. We've asked medical experts to weigh in on seven common cholesterol misconceptions.
Myth: Cholesterol is bad

Truth: Cholesterol is like cake, good in moderation. It's misleading to call cholesterol an evil, artery-clogging fat because cholesterol performs a lot of important functions.

The waxy substance helps produce hormones, cell membranes and vitamin D, and aids in digestion. It also plays a role in cognitive function, helping to form memories. Most of the cholesterol in your bloodstream is, in fact, created by your body, not your diet.

Still, this doesn't mean you should skip fruit in favor of steak. To keep your cholesterol levels under 200 milligrams per deciliter, or mg/dL, it's essential to exercise, eat a balanced diet, maintain a healthy weight and quit smoking.

Myth: A low-fat diet is best

Truth: Bring back the butter. Research is challenging the decades-old notion that saturated fat — found primarily in meat, butter and cheese — is the leading cause of clogged arteries and heart disease. While saturated fat does increase LDL ("bad") cholesterol, it also increases HDL ("good") cholesterol. Plus, there are other dietary villains — such as too much sugar and carbohydrates — that can also lead to a buildup of artery-clogging particles. A study published last year in the Annals of Internal Medicine found no link between eating saturated fats and increased risk of heart attacks. Foods high or low in saturated fat can be harmful, beneficial or neutral, depending on the type of food, says Dariush Mozaffarian, M.D., a coauthor of the study and dean of the Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy at Tufts University. A low-carb diet — meaning low in foods like white bread, white rice, potatoes, crackers and sugar — is more effective for raising "good" cholesterol and reducing triglycerides, he says. Adding healthy fats, such as nuts and olive oil, can also help reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke.

For the rest of the story: http://www.aarp.org/health/healthy-living/info-2015/cholesterol-myths.html

Everything We Thought We Knew About Massage Is Wrong

Deep Tissue Massage

A massage right about now sounds heavenly, right? Who couldn’t stand a little loosening up of those tight shoulders and an hour of zenning out to truly unplug? But if hitting the spa also seems too pricy—after all, it’s just a “treat yo’self” thing, right?—it’s time to change your perspective.

Not only can a good massage enhance physical mobility, relieve pain, and lower the bloodstream’s concentration of stress hormones, getting a rubdown has also been shown to boost the brain’s production of feel-good chemicals like dopamine and serotonin, bolster immunity, and improve sleep. Which is why some say massage shouldn’t be considered just an indulgence—rather, it’s part of a healthy lifestyle, just like going for a run or eating an energy-boosting snack.

There are many other misconception out there too. Learn the latest facts so you can reap the many rewards of massage.

1. Massage is for so much more than just relaxation.

Yes, bringing your body and mind to a state of greater calm is a massage therapist’s objective. It’s what licensed massage therapist Gina Flores, founder of Essential Body Wisdom, calls “lowering the reticular alarm system." In other words, it calms the sympathetic nervous system, which is often high-strung due to crazy-busy schedules and other life stressors. By using touch to activate the parasympathetic nervous system, which brings the body back into a mode of resting and digesting, a massage therapist “helps the neurological system turn down its volume, diminish pain, and transition to a recovery state in which it can naturally heal itself,” Flores says.

But that’s not the only aim of a well-rounded rub-down. In addition to chilling you out, a proper massage is like spring cleaning for your muscles, says Wil Lewis, Exhale Spa’s national massage trainer. “When muscles are tired, they grab on to other muscles around them for support. Over the long term, they glue together, hardening and losing their ability to function,” he explains. A massage therapist works to knead out knots and isolate muscles from one another, which brings back range of motion—you know, that “wow my shoulders feel so much freer” feeling that comes once you pull yourself off the massage table an hour later.

For the rest of the story: http://greatist.com/grow/everything-know-about-massage-wrong?fb_action_ids=10204978971369058&fb_action_types=og.shares

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Jeffrey Slayter | Imagine: Start a Revolution in Your Life and Business

Click on the following link to listen: http://www.sanitasradio.com/guests/2015/03mar/SR-150317-jslayter-p.php

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Do not listen to this interview unless you are looking to seriously challenge your current way of thinking!

Forget about living life in a mode of just doing, doing and forcing. Forget the archaic tools and techniques for effective leadership. Because if you feel like you're doing something that is heavy, forced and absolutely not you, then you're doing it all wrong.

So whether your dream is to live a more fulfilling personal life, sky-rocket your business profits, take your leadership influence to a global level, or simply let life in a little more, then this is the exact mind-opening experience and blueprint you need.

You'll discover how to unlock the science of you with these deeper principles that helped international best selling author, speaker, humanitarian, and social entrepreneur Jeffrey Slayter, become a self made multi millionaire before the age of 30 while serving others in finding their unique gift to the world.

You'll learn:

* The steps to opening your imagination and mind to generate more business sales, innovate, and communicate your unique offering in the market place

* How to change your relationship to time so you can become more productive and use it on the things that matter to you most

* How to use your imagination to bring multiple millions of dollars to your bottom-line

* Transform your relationship to fear to cause breakthroughs in your business and personal life

* What pitfalls to stay clear of on your way to making multiple millions

* Identify your passion, identify your calling and get paid to live your mission now.

B i o 

From Jeffrey Slayter:
My Early Years

I grew up in Hawaii and attended school there during my junior years. I couldn't spell well (and I still can't), nor write, and I struggled with anything that didn't interest me. I was itching to get out there experiencing things rather than sitting in a chair and being taught. As you can imagine, this made me feel kinda different and stupid.

So what did I do? I built strong relationships and forged many friendships with both teachers and students (some teachers hated me). Before I knew it, I had a large number of allies who appreciated me for who I was, rather than what I knew. I loved it.
People and their happiness mattered to me

As a kid, I did what a lot of kids did…I skipped school to go surfing and spent a lot of time simply hanging out. But here's the thing, I didn't drink or do drugs. I had witnessed what alcoholism and addictions did to people and I chose otherwise. In fact, between you and me, one of my close friends died of alcohol poisoning, so the last thing I wanted to do was drink my sorrows away.

Choosing not to drink in social situations meant that I had to find it within me to get comfy with the social situation without the help of a drink or two. Whilst other people had the alcohol to become comfortable with new social situations, I did not. Nothing wrong with drinking, it just wasn't my thing…
I learnt to become comfy with discomfort

Don't get me wrong, I still had a lot of fun. I went to parties, raced cars, got into trouble and well…I saturated my life with adventure. In fact, in hindsight I think I had a HDADD (a severe version of ADD), I just literally couldn't stand boredom. Later in life of course, I discovered some of the most successful people in life had it (Richard Branson, Robert Kiyosaki, Charles Schwab etc…). The plus side? Having HDADD became a great asset because when I found something I was really into, I could process massive volumes of information at a time.

”ADD is the new Focus” – Jeffrey Slayter (spoken by a true ADD person)
I had a gift in disguise!

I remember always being hungry to create something. I found it fun to do stuff for people, witness the smiles on their face and become the go-to-guy for that sort of experience. There was a time in junior high where I saw huge lines of kids buying candy and food from the cafeteria.

Standing in line? Common guys, we can do better than that…

I went to a wholesaler that sold the same food. I bought all the stuff the cafeteria sold (and more) and stored it in my locker, sold it and undercut the cafeteria on their candy (and gave more). Best of all, kids didn't have to wait in line to get what they wanted! I saved them both time and money. I quickly learned the most important lesson in accounting…

Make a profit.

”It's not what you make, it's what you keep” – Jeffrey Slayter


 My Upbringing

My father was an entrepreneur starting up a company at the time we lived in Hawaii. In the beginning, it was financially tough, and I remember the struggle to meet ends in our family.

I humbly recall Grandma bringing mangoes to the family to eat because mum and dad were struggling with maxed out credit card debt.

But dad never gave up on his business idea and really made it succeed through a few key things; relationships, understanding peoples' needs, tending to them and having a family that was relying on him. And overnight, his idea was acquired and purchased by a public company.
I Learnt Persistence Off My Dad

Our family went from barely getting by to what felt like overnight success, and moved to Silicon Valley California (when I was 10 years old), the home place of Google Apple LinkedIn and some of the biggest technology companies in the world. Can you imagine?

I remember watching my dad start another company on the kitchen table. Rather than digging deeply into his piggy bank, dad created value out of nothing by using the space between his ears. He literally created things out of “thin air”. I watched as he raised over $50m dollars in venture capitalist funding over the years, and learnt something very important…

If you can take $0 and turn it into $1,000,000 then you can take $1m and turn it into $10m++

“Wealth is held in your creativity” – Jeffrey Slayter

Business was really running through my veins from early times. I was itching to make deals, have fun and deliver smiles to other peoples' faces.
My Early Professional Life

I needed to pay the bills first so I did what every young teenager starting out did…I got a job at 19 years of age (dad wanted me to find your own path). I worked with a very kind and understanding entrepreneur. I even made a deal with him to help him increase sales as long as I would be allowed to research investment properties online in my spare time.

During this time, I remembered quite a life-defining moment. I was stuck in peak hour traffic on the way to work, and saw the long queues of cars on the road ahead. I thought, “There has to be a better way to life than this…” so I really got pumped to get out of the grind. It's amazing how motivating a bunch of unhappy people in traffic can be.

It's not like I was dissatisfied with the job, I just wanted to create a space of my own, and being stuck in traffic wasn't part of my dream!

So I attended my first personal development seminar at 19 years of age, to kick-start this dream of creating a life of my own. During that seminar I watched the facilitator work with a woman on her relationship with success, achievement, and herself. What I saw was life transforming. I just got inspired.

I knew that I wanted to do the same for others one day so I became obsessed with learning and growing as an individual. I literally spent almost every weekend learning and reading book after book (still doing this today), putting the principles into practice as much as I could to build my own company and have the life I wanted. I even read material whilst I was stuck in peak hour traffic!
It was at 19 years of age that I started my daily meditation practice and I haven't stopped since. In fact, I can testify that as I got deeper into meditation (as if there is a deeper place to go), life itself got better for me.

One day, I found a really ugly pink house on the internet that was clearly under-priced (pink was the new black). It did need some work (okay, it needed A LOT of work), but gladly, I had built relationships with people so I assembled a team that allowed me to:

    Borrow money for 3 months to buy the house

    Fix it up with a good friend of mine

    Sell the house for more than I bought it for

I generated a profit of around$45,000 (it's been a few years). There it was! I managed to turn $0 to $45,000, and I just knew it was a matter of time before I would be a millionaire. So I left my job.


My Business Life Cycle

It wasn't long before I went on to buying many pieces of real estate all across the country and by the time I was 26, I owned numerous properties all over the world. Wow, how cool was I? (not really, read on…).

But as we know, all things including business success can be temporary. Life has its way of throwing challenges and at 26 years, I almost lost everything financially through a big, bad investment decision. I say decision because I don't want to blame circumstance, I want to own it.

Like any human being would feel, I was down and out. Luckily for me, I had done a lot of seminars to stay as positive as I could and I got up and at it again (thank god for positive thinking to drown out all the negative thoughts I was having!). So now was my chance, to reinvent my life again.

As a hobby, I started working with my friends on their businesses and lives, to take things to the next level. I shared with them, how I got success and the mistakes I made so they wouldn't have to make them themselves.

This was something I knew was part of path. Before I knew it I was consulting, speaking at seminar after seminar and eventually, the big stages of the world!I even shared the stage with some of my biggest inspirations and thought leaders like Richard Branson, Dr. Demartini, Robert Kiyosaki and Tony Robbins. Something I only ever dreamed to do!

From here, I successfully built a multimillion-dollar corporate training company (Jeff and Kane Pty Ltd), working with Fortune 500 companies as a trusted advisor to help them innovate and get results. I was back on my feet building other businesses and investment opportunities in the background with like-minded people I had met during my speaking engagements, and from my incredible select high net-worth clients.

All I Could Have Ever Dreamed for In Life Became Reality! (Cheesy but true)

But here's the thing. At that very moment, I hit the point in life where I was asking myself “Now What??!?”There was something missing. I wasn't driven by business and money anymore. I started to find that whilst business was useful, by itself it was empty…
The Next Wave of Human Potential and Business Psychology

After doing a lot of searching and meditation on the matter (and admittedly, surfing), I came to realise that I wanted to catch the next wave of human potential and business psychology (whatever that is). I found the heart of what been present with me the whole time…


I Love Learning, Growing, and Spending Time With People Who Love to Do The Same
Where I Think Humanity Is Heading

Okay here's a thought. If you take a microscope and look deeply at a cell, and kept going deeper it starts to look like a universe! Imagine the space between molecules, the orbiting electrons, the birth and death of new cells.

To me, the internet is no different. It's a universe that allows us to connect at a level like no other! This space of freedom of information and connection will allow us to not only connect intellectually, but at the level of the heart (yes, I said heart). We can start talking about the things that need to be talked about, rather than what the mainstream media pumps out. This can affect how we interact with each other personally, and how we do business together (just to bring it back to Earth).

With technology advancing at stupendous speed, people worldwide have started to awaken to a larger unity (“Wow, this is getting deep”). I am a part of The Next Wave of Human Potential and Business Psychology.

“Peace cannot be achieved through violence, it can only be attained through understanding” – Ralph Waldo Emerson
My Life Now?

There is no difference in my work and play. It's all play (except for the occasional whinger who is victimised by the world). Let's get real, it's not perfect, I make mistakes. I do stupid things that even make me laugh. I just tend to relate to my mistakes a little more usefully.

The more I train and consult, run my companies whilst meeting incredible and inspiring people, the better my life becomes. Life is a gift, and along the way I have also had the blessing of meeting an incredible partner (woman) who I get to share my life with.

“Self-Actualising People Must Be What They Can Be” – Abraham Maslow


21 Collective Facts Why Epsom Salt Should Be In Every Home

Epsom salts have been used by many different cultures for hundreds of years. They have a number of different beneficial properties and are used in gardening, household cleaning, and detoxifying the body. These salts are very inexpensive and can be purchased at bulk discounts in garden centers nearly everywhere. Using Epsom salt baths is an advanced detoxification strategy that has remarkable health benefits.

Epsom salt is made up of magnesium and sulfate, which can help improve health in numerous ways. A lack of magnesium—which helps regulate the activity of more than 300 enzymes in the body—can contribute to high blood pressure, hyperactivity, heart problems and other health issues, doctors warn. Sulfate is essential for many biological processes, helping to flush toxins and helping form proteins in joints, brain tissue and mucin proteins.

21 Amazing uses of Epsom salt

Regulate Blood Sugar

Research indicates that raising magnesium levels can promote a healthy heart by improving circulation and lowering blood pressure. It also improves the body’s capacity to use insulin. Magnesium is necessary to sustain calcium levels in the blood.

Sulphates are not easily obtained through the food we eat but are absorbed through the skin. These stimulate the pancreas to make digestive enzymes and assist in detoxifying the body. Epsom Salt flushes toxins and heavy metals from the cells, easing muscle pain and helping the body to eliminate harmful substances.


Epsom salt can assist in eliminating toxins from the body. The magnesium in Epsom salt is required for detoxifying cells. It also helps detox the body of environmental contaminants that can potentially cause ill health.

To enjoy a relaxing detox bath, stir in 1 to 2 cups of Epson salt in a bathtub filled with warm water and soak in it for 10 to 15 minutes, 2 or 3 times a week.

Fade Bruises

To lessen the appearance of bruises, make a compress by soaking a washcloth in cold water mixed with Epsom salt – use two tablespoons per cup – then apply to the skin.

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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Phil Thomas | Edgar Cayce's Natural Alternatives to Balance and Healing, and Detoxified Iodine


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S y n o p s i s 

Edgar Cayce is quite possibly America's best known psychic/sensitive with literally dozens of books, articles, and even TV documentaries produced about him and the trance readings he gave during the first half of the last century. But if Mr. Cayce's ideas and healing modalities were so insightful why is it that no one has been able to replicate them since his passing? One person dared to go beyond the forbidden zone to find out the surprising truth about the healing modalities unique to the Cayce perspective. Phil Thomas is the author of the book, Beyond Theory: Edgar Cayce's Natural Health, which provides experiential support for Edgar Cayce's theories. Phil discusses the benefits of detoxified iodine and other natural alternatives to balance and healing.

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Phil Thomas is and advocate of the Edgar Cayce readings and produces a couple of dozen products based on the information given by Mr. Cayce. Today he will be discussing Atomic or detoxified iodine from the Cayce perspective along with various associated concepts.

Google Ventures and the Search for Immortality

Bill Maris has $425 million to invest this year, and the freedom to invest it however he wants. He's looking for companies that will slow aging, reverse disease, and extend life.


“If you ask me today, is it possible to live to be 500? The answer is yes,” Bill Maris says one January afternoon in Mountain View, California. The president and managing partner of Google Ventures just turned 40, but he looks more like a 19-year-old college kid at midterm. He’s wearing sneakers and a gray denim shirt over a T-shirt; it looks like he hasn’t shaved in a few days.

Behind him, sun is streaming through a large wall of windows. Beyond is the leafy expanse of the main Google campus. Inside his office, there’s not much that gives any indication of the work Maris does here, Bloomberg Markets will report in its April 2015 issue. The room is sparse—clean white walls, a few chairs, a table. On this day, his desk has no papers, no notepads or Post-its, not even a computer.

Here’s where you really figure out who Bill Maris is: on his bookshelf. There’s a fat text called Molecular Biotechnology: Principles and Applications of Recombinant DNA. There’s a well-read copy of Biotechnology: Applying the Genetic Revolution. And a collection of illustrations by Fritz Kahn, a German physician who was among the first to depict the human body as a machine. Wedged among these is a book that particularly stands out to anyone interested in living to 500. The Singularity Is Near: When Humans Transcend Biology, published in 2005, is the seminal work by futurist Ray Kurzweil. He famously predicted that in 2045, humankind will have its Terminator moment: The rise of computers will outpace our ability to control them. To keep up, we will radically transform our biology via nanobots and other machines that will enhance our anatomy and our DNA, changing everything about how we live and die.

“It will liberate us from our own limitations,” says Maris, who studied neuroscience at Middlebury College and once worked in a biomedical lab at Duke University. Kurzweil is a friend. Google hired him to help Maris and other Googlers understand a world in which machines surpass human biology. This might be a terrifying, dystopian future to some. To Maris, it’s business.

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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Sugars: The Fuel for Cancer!


If an oncologist or anyone tells a cancer patient that it doesn’t matter if they eat sugar, that person is just flat-out wrong. Like all causes of cancer, sugar interferes with normal, healthy, balanced physiology. What makes sugar even more of a problem is that cancer really thrives on it.

When a patient goes in for a positron emission tomography (PET) scan to see if cancer is spreading, what are they given? The answer is dextrose, which is a form of sugar. Why? Because cancer cells have more receptor sites for sugar than for anything else. The reality: sugar is the fuel for cancer.
Shortly before a PET scan is performed, the patient is injected with sugar containing a radioactive dye. The cancer cells eat the sugar, and the dye lights up like a Christmas tree when scanned. That lets the doctors verify whether the cancer has spread. Cancer cells, which grow quickly, are more likely than normal cells to take up larger amounts of the sugar.

In Germany on June 30, 1966 Dr. Otto Warburg delivered a lecture to Nobel Laureates titled, “The Prime Cause and Prevention of Cancer,” which discussed the role of sugar in the spread of cancer. “Cancer, above all other disease, has countless secondary causes, but even for cancer, there is only one prime cause,’’ Warburg told the lecture. “The prime cause of cancer is the replacement of the respiration of oxygen in normal body cells by fermentation of sugar (anaerobic respiration).”

All normal body cells need oxygen to survive. However, cancer cells are not like normal, healthy cells. Cancer cells meet their energy needs through fermentation. In other words, glucose (sugar) helps cancer cells survive and thrive.

High blood sugar and insulin levels also lead to elevated levels of insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1). As mentioned previously concerning milk cows injected with hormones, elevated IGF-1 plays a major role in the progression of many childhood cancers and in the growth of tumors in breast cancer, small cell lung cancer, melanoma, and cancers of the pancreas and prostate, according to researchers at the National Institutes of Health. This has been confirmed many times.[i] [ii] [iii] [iv]

For the rest of the story: http://drbenlerner.com/2015/02/11/sugars-the-fuel-for-cancer/

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Gary Wagman, Ph.D., L.Ac. | Your Ying Yang Body Type

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Optimize your health by learning the inherent strengths and weaknesses of your body type

Explains the 4 major body types of Korean Sasang medicine; the best foods, exercises, and herbs for each; and what to avoid

Reveals how the Yin Yang energy balance of the bodily organs relates to the emotional balance and health of each body type

Provides 2 different self-tests to determine your type

Deeply rooted in the classics of Oriental medicine, the ancient Korean art of Sasang medicine explains how we each are born with a specific body “type” that establishes our physical and emotional strengths and weaknesses. These traits have a direct influence on how we interact with others and react to stress, trauma, and illness. Discovering your type can empower you to make the best choices regarding your health and well-being.

Dr. Gary Wagman explores the 4 major body types of Sasang medicine and 2 different self-tests to determine your type. He explains the balance of Yin and Yang energy within the organs for each type and how this underlies your emotional tendencies and health patterns. With a strong spleen and weaker kidneys, for example, the Yang type A person will be inclined to anger and susceptible to urinary complaints. Offering stories from his Sasang medical practice, as well as his own healing, the author shows how organ excesses and deficiencies are often the culprit in emotional and psychological issues and how addressing these energetic imbalances can bring about lasting change.

Dr. Wagman provides an extensive look at the most beneficial foods for each type and those that could be harmful, as well as which forms of exercise are most effective. He shows which herbs are most compatible for you and which could exacerbate your inborn energetic imbalances. He offers Sasang approaches for a range of common conditions, from high blood pressure, aching joints, and allergies to common colds, inadequate sleep, and weight gain. He also introduces ways to enhance spiritual well-being by balancing your innate emotional strengths and weaknesses. Addressing the body, mind, and spirit, discovering your Yin Yang body type provides the key to optimizing physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

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Gary Wagman, Ph.D., L.Ac., is an acupuncturist and doctor of Oriental Medicine. He was the first foreign student at the Daejeon University of Oriental Medicine in South Korea and lived in Asia for more than 8 years. The founder of Harmony Clinic and the American Institute of Korean Medicine, he lives in Portland, Oregon.

One Third of Nurses Are Leaving Their Jobs and Losing Faith in Vaccines

It’s not just anti-vaccine parents and groups on the internet that are shutting down vaccination. Many doctors, nurses and other health professionals are coming around and grasping the gravity of how vaccines are damaging our bodies. Turnover of nurses (RNs) are now at record highs, with more than one-third leaving their jobs within the first two years and trust in health authorities and vaccination is at an all time low. 

One Third of Nurses Are Leaving Their Jobs and Losing Faith in Vaccines 

A study in the current issue of Policy, Politics & Nursing Practice reveals that an estimated 17.5 percent of newly-licensed RNs leave their first nursing job within the first year and one in three (33.5%) leave within two years. The authors point out many of the problems with existing turnover numbers in the literature, but many nurses are simply unhappy and growing numbers are resisting vaccinations themselves which is presenting problems in enforced environments where it is mandatory to be vaccinated.

A study in Vaccine titled “What lied behind the low rates of vaccinations among nurses who treat infants?” is evidence of a growing resistance to vaccinating infants in the developed world.

What is unfortunate is that although many of these nurses refuse the vaccinations themselves, they proceed to administer these poisons to infants to protect their employment. That is quite cowardly, contradictory and at the very least shameful, not only as a health practitioner, but as a human being.

Other problems relate to more nurses being pressured by doctors to mislead parents into a false sense of security while attempting to address and convince anti-vaccine parents that their misconceptions about vaccinations are based on myths.

Lack of Trust in Health Authorities

The majority of nurses in focus groups have expressed, to varying
degrees, lack of trust in the health authorities regarding their
recommendation to be vaccinated.

Nurses have expressed their frustration with health administrations
and have complained of the treatment they have received from that had no respect for them as individuals.

Nurses have expressed strong feelings against Ministries of Health in many nations for the expectation to be vaccinated. They do not want to be told what to do and want to make the decision themselves.

Comments regarding influenza:

For the rest of the story: http://www.pakalertpress.com/2014/09/16/one-third-of-nurses-are-leaving-their-jobs-and-losing-faith-in-vaccines/