Saturday, February 21, 2015

When People Ask Me Why I Don’t Trust Vaccines, I Simply Show Them This.


The life of an Anti-Vaxxer ain’t the easiest life, Pro-Vaxxers have become bullies and judgmental sheep that would follow Jim Jones to a cave party if the Government or their Pediatric Docs told them to. People are constantly telling me that my anti-vaccinated kids pose a threat to their kids and that I’m putting my kids and the rest of the world at risk. Human life has evolved to a point of near overpopulation, it has fought of famine, religious wars, plagues, ice ages, earthquakes and all of Tyler Perry’s movies, yet somehow my little 7 year old daughter may cause an apocalypse.

So when I ask people straight forward why they vaccinate, their answer is almost always “because my Doctor told me to.”

And then I show them this.


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