Tuesday, January 27, 2015

7 Simple Steps That Will Reactivate Your Pineal Gland


The pineal gland, which is a small gland located near the center of your brain, is considered by some to be the gateway to higher levels of consciousness. Anatomically, it functions as the producer of melatonin, and some scientists believe that it also releases Dimethyltryptamine, or DMT, during periods of great stress.

Some believe that as we get older, our pineal gland begins to calcify. To be clear, there have been no studies conducted on this matter, so there is no scientific consensus on the matter. But there are ways to prevent calcification apparently.

Cut out the fluoride.

Fluoride is in a bunch of common things, like tap water and toothpaste. To avoid this, purchase fluoride-free toothpaste and properly filter your tap water before drinking it. Do not buy bottled water. Repeat, do not buy bottled water. There are worse things than your pineal gland being calcified, and bottled water will do it to you.

Drink apple cider vinegar

In general, ACV is a good tonic for the whole body. It has a long list of benefits to making you a healthier individual. Try mixing it with some honey and lemon juice and take 3 tablespoons throughout the day.

Eat foods rich in iodine

Iodine helps remove sodium fluoride from the body, which is an important process in the decalcification process. But be careful, it’s harmful in large doses. Don’t over do it.

Eat some raw, organic Cacao

Raw chocolate is absolutely rich in antioxidants and helps keep our brains healthy. A healthy brain will help simulate the pineal gland’s function. Also, chocolate is awesome.

Eat coconut oil

Coconut oil is amazing for your body. It nourishes your skin and hair, gives you a boost of energy, and in general is a wonderful food. It also contains Ketones, which have been shown to restore neurons and nerve function in the brain.

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