Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Philip Comella | The Collapse of Materialism


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Can human consciousness be explained by Darwin and materialist science? Does matter exist outside of the mind, with no rationale or direction, the universe created completely by chance? Since ancient Greece, materialists have held that there is no room for purpose or design. We exist in a random and unconscious universe that has evolved through “natural selection.” However, a very different view of the universe and its creation has co-existed with the materialist point of view. In this version, the universe is the creation of a powerful and purposeful mind, one that exists outside of matter, and is, in fact, the creator of matter. For millennia, these two opposing viewpoints have clashed, often with catastrophic results.

Philip Comella proposes a profound shift in the way that we look at the exchange of beliefs between these two domains. Envisioning the end of the mechanical scientific worldview as it is currently taught, Comella believes that civilization may be at the beginning of a new epoch, a time of great spiritual awakening with humanity transcending to a higher truth, one that unifies the now colliding cultures of science and religion.

Drawing extensively from the findings of science and philosophy, Comella concludes that the materialists’ view— that man is a machine and that the mind is nothing more than an electro-chemical interaction between its neurons— is a flawed theory that fails to understand its own discoveries, including the materialists’ erroneous interpretation of quantum theory. The real conclusion revealed by quantum mechanics is that matter is not absolute and eternal, as materialists claim it to be. Many scientists now believe that it has been shown that matter originates in the mind and the mind is universal. From this viewpoint will come the ultimate understanding of the interconnection between our minds and the world around us. And as Philip Comella explains, embracing the universal mind will lead us back to ourselves and finally back to God. A groundbreaking guide for the 21st century, The Collapse of Materialism is thought-provoking and incisive, challenging and controversial, a provocative vision of a unified and transcendent future.

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Philip Comella is a lawyer, visionary futurist, and host of the popular radio show Conversations Beyond Science and Religion. His book, The Collapse of Materialism: Visions of Science, Dreams of God, is a culmination of decades of work committed to developing a new and credible scientific paradigm to unify the physical world of science with the metaphysics of religion. He lives with his wife and daughter in Glen Ellyn, Illinois.

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