Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Elaine Smitha | Screwing Your Mother for Profit

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                                              S y n o p s i s 

Elaine Smitha clearly displays how big business has abused the planet in the past; what the green movement means for organizations today and where new-thought leadership can take green-empowered corporations in the future.

Smitha, a respected new-biology author, teacher and talk-show host, provides real case studies on the companies doing green the right way, as well as inspiring new concepts for establishing an effective green culture inside any organization in any sector.

Screwing Mother Nature shows how saving the earth makes real business sense for attracting positive new customer awareness on a global scale and to enhance the bottom line.

If you want to be a true green leader for your business, listen to this interview with Elaine Smitha.

Would you like to be boss of your life?

If you answered "Yes!" then you will profit from this ground-breaking book. Elaine Smitha introduces amazing discoveries that empower you to take charge of your life in a faster, surer way than previously known. You'll learn the secrets of how your body communicates, what to do to strengthen your immune system, and when you're most at risk. You'll learn tools to deal with the loss of loved ones, to recover from divorce, and to get your life back when you're stuck on the treadmill of convention. The popular TV talk show producer and host Elaine Smitha has researched multiple avenues of self-powered techniques geared to the progressive track of personal growth. Millions of people have been helped by this knowledge. You will be too. In this easy-to-understand book, you'll learn how one decision will change your life. You'll also learn:

Why you're a radio-controlled robot.

How the body eavesdrops on your conversations.

How sickness is an investment in a belief.

Five stress-inducing agents.

How your body can heal in a moment.

How beliefs affect your ability to deal with life.

How others have succeeded in reclaiming their lives.

The secrets of your hidden power.

And much, much more.

If You Make The Rules . . . How Come You're Not Boss? is the result of a lifetime of research and experience in teaching millions of people how to achieve freedom from limiting beliefs. Now it's your turn to own the truth. Realize your dreams--Right Now! 

B i o 

Elain Smitha is included in Who’s Who in American Art and the World Who’s Who in Women. She is also a private pilot. A world traveler with an insatiable appetite for knowledge, Smitha focused on underdeveloped countries to experience the natives’ environment before becoming commercialized entities. Forty countries include the UK, Middle East, North Africa, Far East and South America, tracing the evolution of humanity 10,000 years from Papua New Guinea to China.

Elaine Smitha is the perfect person to advance a unique approach to business as a living system. As author of the self-healing handbook, If You Make the Rules, How Come You’re Not Boss? Minding Your Body’s Business (Hampton Roads, 2003), Smitha offers the biological imperative to sustain life on Planet Earth is the same for sustainable growth in business and personal performance.

Internationally recognized as a “rare media personality”, Elaine Smitha, creator/producer/host of Evolving Ideas© TV, reached a million households weekly in syndicated television markets. Smitha’s weekly interviews can be heard on Dr. Gary Null’s Progressive Radio Network on the Internet.

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