Monday, November 10, 2014

GROSS: 14 Fast Food & Restaurant Employees Confess The One Item You Should Never Order


Don’t read this if you are currently eating fast food!  Care of Collective Evolution:  People all over the world are starting to be more conscious about the food that they eat. Fast food restaurants are full of food that is literally designed to turn people into addicts. They are often littered with and chemically altered for this purpose alone, despite a number of these foods being proven to be detrimental to human health. Ultimately we do have a choice, but it’s also confusing why these foods even exist given how bad and toxic most of them are, and how they promote so many different diseases. Just think about the intent behind their existence. Do you really think that it is to feed people?

I don’t usually post articles that aren’t completely originally written, but I think this is worthwhile posting, since in my opinion anything that might potentially draw people away from these foods is worthwhile sharing. You never really know with restaurants, some horrible things go on behind the scenes and the food we are served isn’t always what we really think it is.

The following question was posted to Reddit: What should we not order at your restaurant? Why not?

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