Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Albert Clayton Gaulden | You're Not Who You Think You Are: Discovering the Authentic You


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S y n o p s i s 

 At a time when so many are looking for spiritual renewal in a world plagued with worry, doubt and uncertainty, Gaulden guides you, with text and exercises, to a place where you are able to take responsibility for yourself and face the false idols that block entry to the authentic self; to understand that the answers to your problems are where the questions are - within you. Lasting changes come from a searching and fearless moral inventory. Gaulden breaks open the unsolved spiritual mysteries and lets you experience the freedom of self awareness. Learn to love you so you can love someone else.

Albert seeks to convey the full scope of how to look at those defects that cover-up our real selves; he has strategies that are reachable and effective in letting go of who we are not and becoming at long last authentic. In his humorous and, yes, confrontational way, he has clearly laid out the challenge facing all of us. We can talk about a coming spiritual renaissance to any degree we want, but it cannot happen until enough of us grasp that spiritual growth has a mental health component. We all have to step back and really look at the parts of our personalities that hold us back, because only then can we become who we really are - and truly move forward into a consciousness and mission that can change the world. 

B i o 

Transpersonal psychologist, astro-intuitive, author, lecturer, and founding director of the Sedona Intensive, Albert Clayton Gaulden has influenced countless individuals from all walks of life—actors, athletes, financial specialists, teachers, families, psychologists and psychiatrists—from all corners of the earth—helping them to retrieve their authentic selves and to tap into the inner core of their power. Albert’s unique gift in the field of Transpersonal Psychology* is responsible for his fearlessness when confronting the client’s inner conflicts. In his recent book You’re Not Who You Think You Are, Gaulden writes “Men and women are the same; each of us needs to get in touch with our invisible partner, or shadow in order to be emotionally healthy and happy. Each of us is born innately male and female. We need to integrate the divided self—to have a relationship with ourselves before we can love someone else.” He considers his work a search and rescue mission to retrieve the lost soul.

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