Monday, September 22, 2014

Meditation For People Who Don’t Meditate (A Simple Guide)

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So you’ve been hearing your friends talk about meditation and its benefits and you want to meditate. Or maybe you have always wanted to meditate but thought it was ‘hoaky’ or maybe even too hard and unattainable. Regardless, this one’s for those who think they can’t meditate but want to try.

The benefits of meditation are becoming a lot more mainstream. One can expect to see lowered blood pressure, better moods, more energy, a clearer mind and more overall clarity. Of course this is just a tid-bit of what meditation can open up for you, but already the benefits are clear.

How To Get Meditating

Some people might make meditation sound like rocket science. Or like something that is wildly unattainable unless you spend hours each day working at it. The truth is, it’s really not that hard and the biggest step to it is getting that out of your mind.

Here’s a guide to meditation for those who haven’t jumped in and tried meditation yet but want to:

1. Commit To Your Interest

You clicked this article, so you have an interest in meditation. Like anything else, commit to it and go for it! Once you decide to actually try and go into it with an open mind, you are already giving yourself permission to make it happen. Bottom line: don’t go into it half-assed.

2. Clear Out Misconceptions

Meditators don’t need to wear special clothes, talk a certain way or be all “spiritual” (that’s all identity and ego play anyway). This is about meditation and clearing the mind. So any misconception about what you need to be like, who you will become, what will happen, what things will look like, etc. Let them go. Simply, BE OPEN.

3. Realize The Simplicity

Especially when starting out, realize that meditation is simply calming the mind, body and breath down. People will sometimes make it sound like you have to have a crazy vision and out of body experience to be meditating. This isn’t true. To start, all we are looking for is some calm and quiet.

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