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Dr. Sabina DeVita | Secrets to Unlocking Your Intuition: The Pineal Gland Exposed

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Dr. Sabina DeVita is international speaker, author, a holistic energy practitioner, registered nutritionist, environmentalist, energy psychologist inspires everyone to be informed about the synthetic fragrances, formaldehyde,damaging toxins, petrochemicals and even toxic hormone disruptors lurking in your home. In the end, your bodies or your children's bodies become the toxic waste dump! You'll also learn the latest in brain research, particularly the role of one of the most mysterious glands, your 'pineal gland' also referred to as the 'third eye', and how chemicals can impact your pineal and You in your creativity, your intuitive abilities, aging and more. Prevent illness, suffering and misery by going 'Real Green'! Wonderfully, she shows you how to make safe, affordable non-toxic choices for a healthy, safe and mold-free environment. In addition, she will help you to raise your 'home's frequencies' all while cleaning. You'll learn how to create your 'heaven on earth' in your home...that is your 'haven with energy!' With new understanding of what true, pure 'Real Green Essentials'® oils can do for your body, mind and spirit - the reader will be guided to a UNIQUE, Simple, Spectacular,Vibrational & plant-based all organic household cleaning method! Learn valuable tips for all your household needs for your kitchen, laundry room, bathroom along with GREEN air fresheners and GREEN bug repellants. With her thoughtful, creative advice, Dr. Sabina DeVita gives you more than just creating an eco-friendly/eco-green, all organic home or office space. She shows you to Real Green clean and create a vibrationally-attuned home with new ways to activate your intuitive abilities - your Pineal gland (3rd eye chakra) all while cleaning! The 'Real Green Essentials'® oils are so economical that you can eat and drink your cleaning products for a 'healthy' you! Now that's Real Green!

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Sabina M. DeVita Ed.D., NNCP, D.N.M.,CBP, DCSJ, IPSP, graduated as a pioneer in her doctoral work in the understanding of Body, Mind and Spirit in the field of psychology at the University of Toronto in 1986 with a specialty in ecological sensitivities- particularly in 'Brain or Cerebral Allergies' and its psychological implications.

When she became ill in the 1980's, with environmental sensitivities, also known as ecological illness or multiple chemical sensitivities (MCS) it changed her life path dramatically to leaving her teaching career in the public education system to researching a new phenomenon at the time for her own healing.

Thus, her doctoral dissertation on "cerebral allergies" - understanding of Body, Mind and Spirit was pioneer work in the field of psychology at the University of Toronto, Canada.

This was her introduction to environmental pollutants & chemicals in their destructive toxins devastating to us all in all facets of our lives - as well as wild-life, aquatic wild-life and to all on Mother Earth. Her doctoral work also led her to work with the 'whole' person and at deeper causal issues which has also led her to synthesize many holistic/vibrational modalities both as a practitioner and instructor into her private practice over the years.

Upon completing her doctoral dissertation, she became certified as a Registered Nutritional Consultant Practitioner, a Certified Specialized Kinesiology practitioner, doctor in natural medicine as well as in other kinesiology programs, including Touch For Health & Brain Gym. In the late 1990's she delved passionately into the role of organic, genuine, pure Essential oil Sciences and added this form of therapy to her private practice and all her classes.

She became Director/Founder of the DeVita Wellness Institute of Living & Learning – clinic /day spa of over 28 years to this day. In 2005 she founded the only Canadian federally approved school, Institute of Energy Wellness Studies that teaches a full program in aromatic sciences with Young Living essential oils giving students a recognized accreditation. She initiated the first Integrated Aromatic Sciences program www.energywellnessstudies.com based on her studies of over 850 hours with Dr. Gary Young N.D. incorporating Young Living Essential Oils into her practices and teaching. In 2007, she was trained and certified in Ecuador by the inventor D. Gary Young as a Raindrop Instructor.

She submitted the Raindrop program along with the Neuro - auricular technique program and both were approved by the federal government as recognized workshops for all of Canada. She also initiated and founded the Real Green Essentials consultant program. www.realgreenessentials.com

Dr. DeVita is also a bestselling & established author of five books including 'Emotional Freedom Face-lift', 'Saving Face', www.savingfacescentsably.com, 'You Were Born To Dance With Ease', www.dancewithease.weebly.com, and Electromagnetic Pollution book.

She is a sought-after international speaker (U.S., Hawaii, Canada, Russia, Ecuador,Trinidad & Barbados in various topics of holistic health including greening our homes & spaces and in measuring & healing the human energy field utilizing the GDV EPC Kirlian camera technology. She is Certified in Russia as a GDV Kirlian Bio-electrographic practitioner and world recognized Instructor- representative by the inventor, visionary, scientist, bio-physicist, Dr. Konstantin Korotkov. She has taken numerous advanced trainings in St. Petersburg, Russia from 2002- 2012. www.gdv-epckirlian.com and recently completed more training in the latest Kirlian technological advances, called Bio-Well http://b-wellnow.weebly.com .

Her desire for the unusual in energy healing led her to further studies in Sacred Geometry, Egyptian dowsing practices and Bio-Geometry with world-renowned instructors, researchers Dr. Robert Gilbert and Dr. Ibrahim Karim. Her VC book includes some simple home balancing strategies.

She is also a graduate from the Bio-geometry program on the Physics of Quality with Dr. Karim and represents some of the harmony tools for balancing & creating safe non- EMF polluted spaces. These will be featured soon on one of her sites.

She was appointed as Deputy Member of the Canadian Delegation for the International Parliament of Safety and Peace and was appointed DEPUTY MINISTER UNDER THE SECRETARY POLITIC OF DEPARTMENT FOR PROBLEMS OF PUBLIC HEALTH.

Hon. Dr. Sabina DeVita was knighted by the Grand Prior Count Nicholas Bobrinskoy in service to humanity “Dame of Merit” in 2004 under the Sovereign Order of the Orthodox Knights Hospitaller of St. John of Jerusalem and in 2010 was appointed as Dame Commander.

In 2012 she was asked to join the first international standards & research board for essential oils called AIRASE www.airase.org

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