Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Dennis Richard | Your Health Is Your Choice

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S y n o p s i s 

From the guest: 20 years ago, I felt like 90 ... I thought my life was over ... I had so many illnesses and pain ! Reversing all of my health issues and my aging process without using conventional medicine, I regained the vitality of my youth. Once I realized: "Only our body can heal itself; we just need to give it the chance to do its job." I believe, everyone has the ability to do all that I have done and it starts with our education. I learned step by step, to overcome every health challenge and will show you just how simple and affordable health can be. Some of these challenges were: prostate cancer, 3 heart attacks, untreatable stage-4 liver cirrhosis, ruptured disks and broken bones, gum disease, ... How I reversed my challenges might surprise you and I even had doctors asking me how I did it! In my book, I cover chelation, ozone & magnetic therapies, nutrition, water, exercise without breaking a sweat, the new exciting field of energy medicine and much more. More than 20 years after retiring with 30 years on the fire department, I now feel better than I did when I was in my 20s and I weigh the same and wear the same size pants. The more I learn about health, the more I understand how simple health is really ... Regaining vibrancy can be reached by all of us ... step by step ... at costs that are more affordable than you might think!  ... "you will find you’re never too old to enjoy your childhood dreams when you’re feeling so young again!

B i o 

Finishing his tour of duty in the Marines, Dennis Richard returned to the Las Vegas area and became a full time fireman for the City of Henderson & the Clark County Fire Department for the next 30 years. In 1991, he retired from the Fire Department, being unable to work for the last 20 months of service, because of job related injuries and having many other health problems including prostate cancer. Feeling 90 years old and not expecting to live more than 2 or 3 years and in so much pain, he didn't even care! When modern medicine gave him no hope ... when he was told to learn to live with it for the last few years of his life ... Dennis refused to accept it! He chose to take charge of his own health by learning as much as he could from alternative health experts in health shows and by personal contacts. Many became his mentors and friends. As he started to overcome each of his health challenges, he felt his purpose in life was to share his true life experiences and empower others who have been left hopeless by conventional medicine. This first book was written over a 20 year period and taken from over 3000 pages of notes. Dennis, in his mission, also host weekly health conference calls & workshops and accepts international speaking engagements. He's created a online health club & forum for people all around the globe to share their knowledge about health. 

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