Friday, September 12, 2014

9 Common Mistakes Health Conscious People Make

9 Common Mistakes Health Conscious People Make 

Even if you are a health-conscious person you may not be immune. You may buy organic food, exercise regularly, and maintain your inner peace. You may be tempted to believe you are living an exceptionally healthy life, but chances are you have blind spots that keep you from optimum wellness. Here are common mistakes that even the most health conscious people make.

1. Drinking Too Much Fruit Juice

I’m not talking here about popular brands of fruit juice that may bang on about being healthy, but often are made up of water, sugar and fruit concentrate. Or worse, they just contain chemicals, which taste like fruit. I’m talking about drinking too much 100% natural juice. Even though it has some health benefits and drinking in moderation is fine – as juice can be an excellent provider of vitamins and minerals, and helps to cleanse the body, but drinking too much natural juice has also drawbacks, as juice can be extremely easy to over-consume. It contains a lot of sugar that causes a rapid spike in blood sugar and unstable blood sugar levels, and has very little of the fiber that real fruit does. For example, one cup of orange juice contains 0.5 gram of fiber while a cup of fresh raw orange has 4.3 grams. According to SFGate website, the most important aspect to consider when you decide whether to incorporate fruit juice into your diet is whether it fits into your recommended calorie intake. So when you feel you drink too much fruit juice, replace some of it with the real fruit or drink instead smoothies that contain also the fiber.

2. Not Reading Labels and Not Focusing on Real, Unprocessed Foods

It’s easy to see a food product that says ‘healthy’ in big, bold letters and assume that it is, indeed, healthy. Food companies would never lie, right? Wrong. Some shameless companies who market our food want even the health conscious among us to believe their food is healthy. However, even if they add small amount of healthy ingredients to their food, it doesn’t make it is healthy. Not when the food product is largely made up of chemicals and ingredients that we can’t pronounce. Don’t fall for words on the front of the product, like, ‘low fat’, ‘contains whole grain’, ‘omega 3.’ Check the label on the back of the food product to see if that’s actually true, so you know exactly what you could be eating. Instead of stocking up on ‘healthy’ commercial food products, (which often claim to be low in fat, but are usually high in sugar or artificial sweeteners), go for unprocessed food in its natural state. I’m talking fresh fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds. Just use your common sense and enjoy the food that nature has provided for us, rather than what a factory has man-made for us.

Further reading: read my article about the top 10 worst ingredients in food, so next time you read the label you will know what to pay attention to.

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