Saturday, August 2, 2014

Two American Ebola Patients Coming Home to U.S. for Treatment


Two Americans infected with the virus will be brought to Atlanta for treatment as the World Health Organization deems the West African outbreak ‘out of control.’

Both Americans infected with Ebola in West Africa will enter the U.S. for treatment at Emory University in Atlanta, according to a memo released by the State Department on Friday. Meanwhile, in West Africa, doctors are scrambling to contain the outbreak, with the chief of the World Health Organization telling reporters that the response has been “woefully inadequate.”

In a memo from Emory officials to physicians and staff, obtained by The Daily Beast, the victims are said to be arriving in the “next several days.” In absence of specifics, the hospital says it’s “prepared and ready” for the arrival, with a “highly specialized, isolated unit” that it designed with the help of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, headquartered nearby. CNN reported on Thursday night that a specialized medical plane was already en route to Liberia.

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