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5 Home Remedies for Yellow Teeth

We live in an age that is almost ruled by coffee, which happens to be one of the biggest contributors to staining teeth and making them yellow.

While step number one for whiter teeth would be to limit coffee intake, for some of us that may not be what we are ready for. So we’ve compiled a list of natural ways you can whiten your teeth at home.

Dental hygiene is important. It can be a contributing factor to many diseases in other areas of the body if not properly taken care of. One of the biggest ways we can damage our teeth is through acidic foods and drinks. - 
In fact, a lot of times, the reason for yellow teeth is due to the consumption of an acidic diet that causes the enamel to wear away on teeth if they are not properly taken care of.

Disadvantages of Whitestrips & Bleaching

There are a number of whitening options one can explore via dentists, whitening professionals or the drugstore. These include bleaching trays, professional bleaching treatments and products like Whitestrips.

There is no doubt that these products do work, but there are reported disadvantages to these options that don’t exist with doing the methods below correctly.

Often times the treatments above utilize harsh ingredients that can have quite powerful effect of gums and teeth. This can create sensitivity for both even after first use.

For example, studies suggest that between 1/3 and 1/2 of all people who use Whitestrips will notice some degree of gum tissue irritation. [1]

If you’ve tried these products in the past, you may have seen great results and had no irritation, but if you did experience irritation, try the options below for a more natural approach that is more in-line with a sustainable option as well.

Home Remedies for Yellow Teeth

1. Baking Soda

Baking soda is known as being one of the most effective options for whitening teeth. It’s why you see it added to a number of toothpaste brands. Simply add some to your toothbrush while it is fairly wet and then brush your teeth.

Make sure the baking soda is wet enough and not dry as in a very dry state it can scratch your enamel. But once wet, it becomes soft and dissolves.

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Five Scientists Died of Ebola While Working on a Single Study on the Virus

A study published in Science yesterday is notable not just because it detailed the monumental achievement of sequencing 99 different strains of the Ebola virus, but because of the human toll it took on the team collecting the virus' samples: Five scientists died of Ebola while researching the paper.
At the end of the paper, the lead authors, which hail from a Harvard/MIT collaborative project called the Broad Institute, had an "in memoriam" section, something you don't often see in scientific papers.

"Tragically, five co-authors, who contributed greatly to public health and research efforts in Sierra Leone, contracted EVD in the course of their work and lost their battle with the disease before this manuscript could be published," the researchers wrote. "We wish to honor their memory."

According to a follow-up story by Science's Gretchen Vogel, the deceased researchers are Mbalu Fonnie, Alex Moigboi, Alice Kovoma, Mohamed Fullah, and Sheik Humarr Khan. A sixth researcher, Sidiki Saffa, died of a stroke before the paper was published. The researchers were nurses, doctors, lab technicians, and health clinic supervisors.

I've reached out to several of the surviving scientists to learn more about the co-authors, but no one has gotten back to me yet.

Sheik Humarr Khan. Image: Pardis Sabetti

By all accounts, the results of the research are going to be useful in fighting Ebola: The researchers are hopeful that now, with not just one but 99 different full genome sequences of the virus, they'll be able to develop techniques to rapidly diagnose people who have contracted the virus.

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Study Finds 175 Dangerous Chemicals in Food Packaging 

A total of 175 chemicals known to be harmful for health are used in food packaging on both sides of the Atlantic, in the European Union countries and the United States, according to a study published by a Swiss non-governmental organization.

As the study authors point out, the use of many of these substances, which are linked to cancer, hormonal disorders or infertility in other products has already been limited or is to be prohibited. However, these regulations do not concern food packaging due to gaps in legislation.

Researchers of the Food Packaging Forum, a non-governmental organization in Switzerland, compared two lists of hazardous chemicals – the so-called ‘Substitute it now!‘ list, also known as Sin, and the TEDX list of endocrine disruptors – with three official lists of substances allowed to be used in the manufacture of food packaging, in particular, the ESCO Working Group list of non-plastic food contact substances by European Food Safety Authority, Annex I of EC 10/2011 which includes the allowed plastic food contact substances and the so-called Pew list of food additives authorized in the United States.

As noted, about 175 chemicals contained in the Sin and the TEDX lists (such as phthalates, organotins and benzophenones) were identified in at least one, or even in all of the official lists of substances allowed to be used for food packaging.

The majority of these chemicals meet, as stated, the criteria set by the European regulation concerning the registration, evaluation, authorization and restriction of chemicals (REACH) to be qualified as “Substances of Very High Concern” (SVHC). 21 of them have even been officially recognized as substances of very high concern by the European Chemicals Agency, while six are to be gradually restricted by EU under REACH.

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Here's How Root Canals Can Affect Your Health

"You need a root canal!" "Why?"

Do you really "need" a root canal? What are the conventional reasons for performing root canals over the past century?

- Pain
- Deep decay that has invaded the nerve chamber
- Trauma (as in getting hit in the mouth with a baseball bat), and
- Discomfort of unknown reason

What, exactly, are you getting for your money?

As recently as 1906, Mayo Clinic in conjunction with Weston Price DDS, MS as head of research for the dental association of that time, announced that root canals were a haven for disease-producing bacteria.

Six PhDs working with Dr. Price for decades, and a team of microbiologists from Mayo Clinic identified these bacteria.

Dr. Price implanted root canal fragments under the skin of the belly of 60,000 rabbits.

Results unequivocally proved that diseases of the humans, traveling in the root canaled teeth, could produce the same disease in the rabbit in a matter of weeks.

Heart attacks could be transferred 100 percent percent of the time – implicating root canals as one of the primary causes of heart disease.

Root Canals are Breeding Grounds for Bacterial Toxins

Does it surprise you that dentistry has been able to keep this secret for over a century? - See more at:

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Ebola virus mutating rapidly as it spreads

Outbreak likely originated with a single animal-to-human transmission. 

On 24 May, Augustine Goba received a blood sample from a pregnant woman in Sierra Leone who had fallen ill after attending the funeral of an Ebola victim in Guinea. Twenty-four hours later, the test results came back positive. Goba, who directs a diagnostic lab at Kenema Government Hospital in Sierra Leone, had confirmed the country's first case of Ebola.

He and his colleagues have now decoded the genetic sequences of 99 Ebola viruses collected from 78 patients during the first 24 days of the epidemic in Sierra Leone. The work1, published online in Science, could help to inform the design of diagnostics, therapeutics and vaccines, says structural biologist Erica Ollmann Saphire of The Scripps Research Institute in La Jolla, California. “This paper is terrific,” she adds.

The Ebola epidemic in West Africa has already killed more than 1,400 people — including five of Goba's co-authors from Kenema. The paper is dedicated to their memory.

The sequence data, which were made publicly available by 31 July, constitute the largest collection of genetic information on Ebola ever to be released. To get them, the group collected leftover blood from samples taken for diagnostic tests in Kenema. They then used a chemical solution to deactivate the Ebola viruses, and sent the samples to be sequenced at the Broad Institute in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

The researchers sequenced the viral genomes from each sample an average of more than 2,000 times, allowing them track how the virus mutated as it spread from patient to patient. In April, researchers reported2 that they had sequenced data from Guinean patients' viruses. That team, however, produced one composite viral genome sequence for each patient, rather than individually sequencing different copies of the virus found in each patient, as in the work reported today.

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Sugar and Fruit Juice: Two Foods You Should Never, Ever Eat After Exercise

If you're like most people, one of the biggest hurdles you face when trying to maintain an exercise program is finding the time to do it on a regular basis. The great news is, you might never have to resort to this excuse ever again! 

There's increasing amounts of evidence supporting the notion that you can cut your workout time significantly while reaping better benefits.

The study above is yet another example of how a significantly shorter workout, performed at greater intensity, can give you better results than your conventional strength training routine.

"Called NeGator, it uses eccentric — or negative — resistance training, which capitalizes on the fact that the human body can support and lower weights that are too heavy to lift.
Through a system of motors, pulleys, cams and sensors it adds weight when a person is performing a lowering motion, and removes that weight when the person is lifting.
… The team has distilled down to what a person needs to do to get the benefit of strength training while doing as few exercises as possible in as little time as possible as infrequently as possible." 
Here -- just as in my Sprint 8 exercise -- you're striving for maximum effort during one set. And then you're done.

The NeGator workout described above is a great way to lower your exercise time but it will not increase your growth hormone like Peak 8 exercises do. I have been exercising for over four decades and in my mind this is the biggest improvement in exercise training I have seen in that time.

I certainly didn't invent it. I actually used a specific type of Sprint 8 exercises, interval training, when I was in high school, college, and medical school. But like most people, when I finished school, I stopped exercising like that.

Sprint 8 type exercises are what kids and animals spontaneously do. It is the natural way to stay fit and one of the only ways we know to increase growth hormone naturally.

Evolution of Sprint 8 Exercises

I first became sensitized to this work through Dr. Al Sears' PACE program. I really loved his concept and explanation and was highly motivated to implement the program but I never fully did.

Earlier this year I met Phil Campbell who wrote the book Ready Set Go. Phil is a major expert in this area and provided me with very detailed and specific instructions on how to implement the program.

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9 Body Hacks to Naturally Increase Testosterone

If you're overweight, shedding the excess pounds may increase your testosterone levels, according to research presented at the Endocrine Society's 2012 meeting. Overweight men are more likely to have low testosterone levels to begin with, so this is an important trick to increase your body's testosterone production when you need it most

Testosterone, a hormone produced primarily by the testicles, is often associated with the epitome of "manhood" (although women have testosterone, too).

Indeed, it does play a large role in male sexuality and reproduction, impacting such factors as sexual and reproductive function, muscle mass, and hair growth, but also has some less "flashy," albeit equally important, roles like maintaining bone density, levels of red blood cells and a sense of well-being. 

Beginning around age 30, a man's testosterone levels begin to decline, and continue to do so as he ages.

A wide range of chemical exposures included prescribed drugs like statins, adversely impact testosterone production in men. At the same time, estrogen levels typically increase due to widespread exposures to estrogen-mimicking compounds in food, water and environmental pollutants.

What are Your Options for Replacement?

If you're a man who's experiencing symptoms such as decreased sex drive, erectile dysfunction, depressed mood, and difficulties with concentration and memory, and you think low testosterone may be to blame, you can have your levels tested. Since testosterone levels fluctuate throughout the day, you'll probably need more than a blood test to get a true picture of your levels.

If your levels are indeed low, there are a number of synthetic and bioidentical testosterone products on the market, as well as DHEA, which is the most abundant androgen precursor prohormone in the human body, meaning that it is the largest raw material your body uses to produce other vital hormones, including testosterone in men and estrogen in women. 

I only recommend using bioidentical hormones, and only then under the guidance of a holistic doctor who can monitor your hormone levels to ensure you need supplementation.

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Yoga: Try this Ancient Exercise to Help Tone Your Abs


Yoga is a practice that has been around for 5,000 years. Although many regard Yoga as just another form of exercise, it's really a much more comprehensive practice that integrates mental, physical and spiritual elements. 

In fact, it is said the physical positions of yoga represent only about 10 percent of its value, and the other 90 percent lies in the mental and spiritual growth that happens on the mat. 

Yoga can be regarded as a form of meditation that demands your full attention and participation. The Yoga positions (asanas) are tools for helping you learn new ways of moving and new ways of responding to your body and mind, which can be extended into other areas of your life.

The health benefits of Yoga are many. It strengthens and tones your body, increases circulation and oxygenation, energizes you in the morning and helps you unwind in the evening. 

People report the disappearance of aches and pains, better immunity, improved sleep, lowered blood pressure, improved digestion, and faster healing when they do Yoga. 

Most people also feel more grounded, and many report increased compassion for others as a direct result of the compassion learned on the mat.

That said, from a purely physical standpoint, Yoga is excellent for your core and compliments other parts of your overall exercise program, such as interval and strength training. It strengthens your back, pelvis, shoulders, and spine—and of course helps cut and reveal those six-pack abs!

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How a Mental Disorder Can Disappear from the World Overnight

brontosaurus apatosaurus dinosaur 

Over the past few decades, autism and Asperger syndrome have become prominent in the public consciousness, and that prominence has been reflected in popular art and entertainment. Autism, a mental illness characterized by repetitive behaviors and impaired social interactions, was brought to widespread attention by Dustin Hoffman’s famous performance in Rain Man. More recently, characters in contemporary television shows (think Sheldon of The Big Bang Theory and Abed of Community) have made the social quirks of people with Asperger syndrome more relatable. In the popular mind, Asperger’s is often thought of as a milder form of autism.

The American Psychiatric Association thinks of it this way too: In its new version of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (often called “the Bible of psychiatry”), what was Asperger’s is now a position on a severity scale of the broader “autism spectrum disorder.” Asperger syndrome as a separate category will officially disappear, a change that has generated no small amount of controversy.  

One of the jobs of science is, as Plato put it, to “cut nature at its joints.” But because our view of the anatomy of nature is often hazy, people disagree about where those joints are. For instance, some social and natural scientists debate the scientific status of race as a meaningful category for human beings. Is race merely something humanity made up, or is it part of the nature of reality? If “race” is a valid category, how many races are there? Key to the resolution of this debate will be discovering what we can know about people, with some acceptable level of probability, simply by knowing what race they are.

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Are Failing Bees Foreshadowing Human Health?

Harvard's Chengsheng Lu believes that the potential human health implications of colony collapse disorder extend beyond the drop in pollination — though that is worrisome enough — to the impact on humans of long exposure to low-level poisons like neonicotinoid pesticides, which have been suspected in the bee disorder. Image: Kris Snibbe, Harvard Staff Photographer 

Harvard's Chengsheng Lu believes that the potential human health implications of colony collapse disorder extend beyond the drop in pollination — though that is worrisome enough — to the impact on humans of long exposure to low-level poisons like neonicotinoid pesticides, which have been suspected in the bee disorder. 

It’s become something of a rite of spring. Every March, newspaper stories sprout about local beekeepers opening their hives to find an ongoing environmental mystery.

Instead of hungry bees ready for the first flights of spring, honeycombs that should be empty after a long winter are full, and instead the hives are empty. For some reason, during winter’s coldest months, these bees chose to leave the hive to perish outside.

Colony collapse disorder, as the condition is known, remains a mystery with troubling implications for the fate of the human food supply, which depends, in part, on pollinators like the honeybee. 

Explanations that have been offered include pathogens, modern beekeeping practices, malnutrition, climate change and pesticides.

It is that last possible cause that stands out to Harvard School of Public Health’s (HSPH) Chengsheng (Alex) Lu, an associate professor of environmental exposure biology, who believes that the potential human health implications of colony collapse disorder extend beyond the drop in pollination — though that is worrisome enough — to the impact on humans of long exposure to low-level poisons like neonicotinoid pesticides, which have been suspected in the bee disorder. To Lu, it is an open question whether there are links between the pesticide and the recent increase in neurological conditions in children such as autism and ADHD.

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Sunblock is Possible Hazard to Sea Life

Sunblock, a summer essential for most people, causes problems for ocean life. Image: ACS 

The sweet and salty aroma of sunscreen and seawater signals a relaxing trip to the shore. But, scientists are now reporting that the idyllic beach vacation comes with an environmental hitch. When certain sunblock ingredients wash off skin and into the sea, they can become toxic to some of the ocean’s tiniest inhabitants, which are the main course for many other marine animals. Their study appears in the ACS journal Environmental Science & Technology.

Antonio Tovar-Sanchez and David S├ínchez-Quiles, of the Mediterranean Institute for Advanced Studies, point out that other than staying indoors, slathering on sunscreen is currently the best way to protect skin from the sun’s harmful rays. But when sunbathers splash into the ocean to cool off, some of their lotions and creams get rinsed into the water. The problem is that titanium dioxide and zinc oxide nanoparticles, which are common ingredients in sunblock, can react with ultraviolet light from the sun and form new compounds, such as hydrogen peroxide, that could be toxic. High amounts of hydrogen peroxide can harm phytoplankton, the microscopic algae that feed everything from small fish to shrimp to whales. The scientists wanted to figure out just how serious of an impact beachgoers could be having on life in coastal waters.

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The Best Natural Remedies for Cracked Heels

Cracked heels are an issue that plenty of people have to deal with and not a single person enjoys. Having cracked heels, otherwise known as heel fissures, is a persistent inconvenience that is hard to deal with. Since there are so many ways to trigger them, almost anybody is vulnerable. Regular sandal use, poor hygiene, and vitamin/mineral deficiencies are just a few of the many ways people develop cracked heels.

If you have developed cracked heels and experience dry and flaky skin you know how problematic and uncomfortable it can be. The itching and unsightly appearance has inspired people who have this issue to search everywhere for a suitable remedy to their problem. The use of natural solutions has proven to be an effective and safe way to alleviate the symptoms of cracked heels.

Cooking Oils

Rubbing cooking oil on your feet? I’m aware that some of these might sound a little crazy at first but don’t knock it until you try it. Believe it or not, you can use multiple household cooking oils to effectively treat your cracked heels. Some of the more popular choices are sesame, coconut, vegetable, and olive oil.

First you should make sure that you clean off the affected area as much as possible. Remove any excess skin or flakes with a tool like a pumice stone. After your heels are nice and clean, use a cotton ball to evenly spread a generous amount of oil on the dry skin. For the best results, try doing this regularly before bed.

Banana and Avocado
In case you were wondering, yes every item on this list is completely edible. What can you trust more than something that is also good for you to eat? For this treatment, you will need a whole ripe banana and half of an avocado.

Slice the banana up into a blender or food processor and then scoop in the avocado. Blend up the ingredients until you have a nice thick paste. If necessary, you can add a splash of water to help it blend better. Gently rub the paste on to your heels and leave it on for about 15 minutes. When the time is up, wash off your feet with some warm water.

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Brian David Andersen | Cellular Hydration, Light Particle Assimilation, & Stem Cell Stimulator


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S y n o p s i s 

Brian David Andersen discussed proper water hydration including alkaline water. What was so special about the water a tribe drank on the Big Island of Hawaii?

Brian also discovered a new a new nutritional modality named Light Particle Assimilation. Can one simply wear their nutrients rather than orally consume them?

He also developed Stem Cell Stimulator - a technology that uses a combination of modalities to direct stem cells to target areas of the body. Can Stem Cells be directed and "turned on" at will?

B i o 

Brian David Andersen was the first to experience and distribute subtle energy items based upon the new and emerging scientific field called Light Particle Assimilation that has been proven in a successful clinical trial by a traditionally trained Medical Doctor.

He perfected and harnessed the spiral and spherical tables of the chemical elements. Those discoveries were the foundation for Andersen being the first researcher to mathematically prove the Great Pyramid in Egypt is actually a three sided pyramid built inside of four sided pyramid. Geometric and electromagnetic applications from the aforementioned discoveries are the basis for a product line of subtle energies items known as Tri-Vortex Technology.

Brian David Andersen became a self-taught researcher/inventor/scientist after 20 years as a freelance investigative writer and photojournalist trained at the University Of Missouri School Of Journalism. When making the transition to investigating physics and chemistry, Andersen's focus was on discovering the simple truths of our reality rather than just achieving a passing grade that is the core emphasis of traditional education.

The simple truths of Tri-Vortex Technology including the critical importance of proper water hydration are as practical and they are impressive.

An ‘Elixer of Long Life’ was dug up, and you’ll never guess what the main ingredients are!


When someone lives long enough to receive the title ”World’s Oldest Person,” they’re usually asked what their secret is. You hear a lot of answers, although inevitably many of those answers include some form of alcohol. A recent discovery in New York City of a 200-year-old bottle labeled “Elixir of Long Life” led researchers to this new recipe and… Sure enough, the main ingredient was alcohol.

According to DNAinfo, the bottle was discovered during an excavation for a hotel at 50 Bowery by Chrysalis Archeology, a company that provides cultural resource management at dig sites. The greenish glass bottle was found with other liquor bottles in a former German beer garden. With that information, they were able to find the recipe in an old German medical guide.


The search for the Elixir of Life and its gift of immortality dates back thousands of years. It was said the Greek gods thought it contained ambrosia and nectar while Egyptian mythology says Thoth and Hermes drank liquid gold. The Sumerians wrote about kings drinking Ninhursag’s milk and Hindu thought their gods drank a milk called Amrita.

Liquid Gold in modern day new-age speak often is related to Mono-Atomic Gold, a substance obtained from peat moss and other decaying life-matter which still has active DNA inside it as it’s breaking down into Oil over a thousand year old process. This substance often has powerful health benefits to the body, and is often preserved with Alcohol.

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Kids Already Have Middle Age Illnesses: What Can We Do?

The woes of adulthood are hitting today’s children too fast and not only via the pernicious influences of popular culture, marketing and peer pressure. More and more children are being diagnosed with chronic diseases that have previously been only seen in middle age adults.

Harvard Medical School researchers have found that there has been a 27 percent increase in the number of children aged 8-17 diagnosed with high blood pressure; one reason is a rise among children in obesity (which is also rising among kids around the globe). Today’s children are also at very real risk of type 2 diabetes, pre-diabetes, sleep apnea and joint pain, all diseases that had struck previous generations as they entered middle age.

Indeed, earlier this year, the American Academy of Pediatrics released its first guidelines for type 2 diabetes, sometimes called adult-onset diabetes, among children, as pediatricians have not been trained to identify and diagnose this disease. Doctors are also expressing concerns that, in order to treat these diseases in children, they are prescribing them with the same medicines that adults take but with no idea about the long-term effects.

Minority children are especially at risk. The new study also found that, in African-American children, blood pressure was 28 percent higher than in non-Hispanic white children. Previous research has found that there is a higher rate of diabetes in minorities than in white: African-Americans and Native Americans are twice as likely to have diabetes as whites and Hispanics, 1.7 times as likely.

We Know What’s Raising Blood Pressure in Kids: Let’s Do Something About It!

In the new study, researchers drew their data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) III which collects information on health, eating and lifestyle behaviors. 3,200 children were involved in the survey in 1988-1994 and more than 8,300 in 1999-2008. While the children found to have high blood pressure did not have diagnosed hypertension (which requires a threshold blood pressure reading of 140 -90), having elevated blood pressure (anything above 120-80) at a young age sets one at real risk for future serious health problems.

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Steven Sedlmayr - Modified Water [H302] and Health

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S y n o p s i s 

Steven Sedlmayr discussed his discovery of modified water [H302]. We discussed Steven's background and how, by accident, he discovered this type of water, its benefits. He also shared testimonies from many.

The H302 is formulated by bombarding the water in a very special resonant chamber with low energy photons at the resonant frequency of the hydrogen and oxygen bond, creating an entirely different energy of water from any other water.

The H302 advanced hydration line has been successfully tested by Penn State Laboratories, Arizona State Laboratories, and the University of Washington.


"I began drinking it on a limited basis in 2008. I obtained it from a friend, Mark, who told me about the good things it could do for one’s health. I have always enjoyed good health but in early 2007 my PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen) test begin to show a steady increase in the defining number of this test climbing from 2.9 in 2005 to 5.6 in June of 2007. My father passed away from prostate cancer so I was somewhat worried about these steadily increasing test numbers. I started drinking the water just for overall health not knowing what specific benefits it would bring. It increased my energy level but most importantly, all of my blood test numbers started to go down or up accordingly back towards normal levels. I only have one kidney due to a transplant to my brother and became hypertensive so I was on a low level blood pressure medicine, 20 mg of Lotensin and 25 mg of HCT daily. After drinking the water for a few months on a limited basis, my blood pressure started to go down. I was only able to drink it intermittently due to Mr. M living so far away (about 300 miles). I started drinking the water on a regular basis in the summer of 2009 and my blood pressure dropped to the point that my family physician cut the medication in half and will probably cut it out all together by my next visit in the spring or sooner if my blood pressure continues to drop.

When I started on the Lotensin/HCT, my blood pressure was hovering around 135-140/90-95. It now runs steady at around 115/75. I felt better and my blood pressure went down but after a visit to my urologist in October 2009 for a regular checkup it was discovered that my PSA had actually gone down to 4.5 which is almost normal (4.4) for a 59 year old Caucasian. I was elated! The PSA had gone down some, from 5.6 to 5.2 in 2008, but I thought I was just lucky. At that time I was only drinking the water on a part time basis and didn’t relate the two. It was after I started drinking it on a regular basis (16 oz per day) that it seemed to do the trick. When the doctor gave me the test results I immediately thought of the water because that was the only thing I was taking. I was then and am now taking no other drugs of any kind that would or could reduce the PSA level. Although I don’t know why orhow, I can only attribute this drop to your water. The doctor asked me what I was taking and when I said nothing really except a mineral water he didn’t believe me. He said PSA levels didn’t just drop that much without cause. In 2007 when my PSA level continued to elevate I had a biopsy on my prostate that was negative so luckily I only had an enlarged prostate or BPH. My urine stream had began to slow somewhat but it has returned to a normal flow rate and I no longer get up at night – even once. Although I have no scientific evidence to back the claim, it appears that somehow your water has actually shrunk the prostate back to near normal size. I am very pleased and actually astounded with the results from drinking your water and will continue to do so as long as possible. If you need any further information please feel free to contact me. I have enclosed copies of my last several blood tests so you can see the improvement in many of the numbers. "

" With surgery the only option left by doctors, to stop the continuous growth of a basil cell carsonoma spot on my face, I gladly tried your facial water. The progression was halted and has not returned for over two years"


"After using numerous alternative products, I have discovered that this water cleans the skin disruption on my face better than any other product I have used to date, by far. I know that it works on the outside of the body, but it appears to be working inside the body as well. This product lacks funding in the U.S. because of the pharmaceutical industry strangle hold on inexpensive, non-prescription products. Thank you for this incredible face product."


"I was brought in to examine this water, and I was a skeptic... until it saved my life. I was on the Mayo Clinic's list for a potential kidney transplant… As a last resort, I came to this provider because I remember him stating this had potential medical possibilities. After two weeks of drinking his water only, I saw a remarkable improvement. After six months of drinking his water, I no longer needed dialysis or a kidney transplant. My health has improved radically and I attribute it to only his water, as I am taking no medication or anything else for my kidney improvement. "


"Being the son of a medical doctor and entering the medical field, along with my own judgment, I was sure that heavy medication was the path to take for my sick liver.

I went to the doctor in order to receive test results on the status of my liver. It was not good (they thought I had hepatitis - C). The two weeks following my drinking this water, I went to the doctor for a check-up, and underwent another test.

The second test brought back numbers with drastic change. The doctors were surprised. My liver functions were going back to normal."


" In August 2009 Adeline was diagnosed at UPMC Children’s Hospital with Minimal

Change Disease, a variation of Childhood Nephrotic Syndrome. For the past year, she

has been dependent on Prednisolone SOD 15mg/5ml SMOR for her kidneys to function. She has suffered the side effects associated with long-term Prednisolone use, including a depressed immune system, weight gain, severe mood swings and stunted growth. Over the first six months of her illness, she experienced five separate relapses (Defined as a measure of urine protein levels above 3 for three or more consecutive days) when we attempted to wean her off the drug with a dosage on alternating days, as indicated by the protocol established for this treatment.

This January her nephrologist and we were seriously considering switching Adeline to Cytoxan, an oral chemotherapy drug, or one of two organ transplant rejection drugs used to treat her condition when steroid treatment fails (Prograf FK506 and Cellcept).

All these drugs have been used to treat Minimal Change Disease with varying degrees of success, but they also present a new array of potential side effects, while lowering protection of the immune system.

Fortunately, since January 14, Adeline has not had a relapse while taking the Prednisolone on alternating days and drinking special distilled water (from the Sedlmayr device) for the majority of her fluid intake. At the beginning of March, we began to reduce her dosage of Prednisolone incrementally by 2ml each successive month. Adeline has now stopped taking the medicine.

Listed below is a chronology of Adeline’s illness:

- August 13, 2009: Adeline received three booster shots (MMR, DtaP and Polio) as well as the regular flu mist at her annual medical check-up.

-August 15, 2009: She began to exhibit symptoms of lethargy and loss of appetite.

-August 16, 2009: By early that Sunday afternoon, Adeline had additional symptoms of abdominal swelling and reduced urination.

-August 17, 2009: Phoned pediatrician’s office in the morning to report Adeline’s symptoms. The nurse suggested it might be an allergic reaction to the

vaccinations and recommended we give her Benadryl. We gave her the Benadryl, but it had no effect.

-August 19, 2009: Symptoms worsened and we took her to the pediatrician’s office where the attending physician’s assistant conducted a urine test. Results

revealed that Adeline had blood and elevated protein levels in her urine. By that evening she had gained eight pounds and was no longer urinating. We rushed her to the Emergency Room at Children’s Hospital. Based on additional test results, the doctors diagnosed Adeline with Minimal Change Disease. During her hospitalization she was given albumin intravenously to restore the levels of protein in her system.

- August 21, 2009: Adeline started drug treatment with Prednisolone (7 ml twice a day with an antacid) and we began daily urine testing to monitor her protein levels. The initial treatment protocol stipulated 4-6 weeks of daily Prednisolone.

After this period, the dosage would be reduced to 14 ml every other day for another 4-6 weeks depending on her ability to remain in remission. From September to December 2009, Adeline received the alternating day medication, but she relapsed on four separate occasions:

- September 30, 2009: First relapse occurred after 8 days

- October 22, 2009: Second relapse occurred after 9 days

- November 12, 2009: Third relapse occurred after 12 days

- December 6, 2009: Fourth relapse occurred after 16 days

Every time Adeline relapsed, she had to resume taking Prednisolone on a daily basis until her urine protein level went back below 1.

- December 18, 2009: Due to Adeline’s recurring relapses and concerns about the Prednisolone side effects, she underwent a kidney biopsy at Children’s Hospital to confirm the Minimal Change Disease diagnosis and explore other treatment options.

- December 28, 2009: Biopsy results confirmed diagnosis of Minimal Change

Disease with unusually elevated immunoglobulin levels. Nephrologist and parents discussed other treatment options. Since Adeline was back in remission, it was decided to give the Prednisolone another try.

- January 7, 2010: Adeline suffered her fifth relapse after 16 days in remission. We were about to put her on Cytoxan, but it was decided to give Prednisolone one

last try to avoid Cytoxan’s potentially more serious side effects.

- January 8, 2010: Adeline weighed 62.5 lbs., 20 lbs heavier than she weighed at the beginning of her kidney illness.

- January 14, 2010: Adeline began drinking special distilled water. She went in remission again, and restarted the alternating day Prednisolone use.

- January 23, 2010: Adeline recovered quickly from an ear infection and bout of pneumonia that was diagnosed by x-ray at UPMC Children’s Hospital.

- February 15, 2010: At a follow-up exam, Adeline’s nephrologist noted that her face appeared to be "less puffy."

- February 20, 2010: Adeline had her first negative protein reading on her daily urine test. This is the best reading she can achieve.

- March 2, 2010: Adeline starts taking reduced dosage of Prednisolone (12ml) on alternating days.

- March 4, 2010: Her weight remained stable at 62.5 lbs.

- June 7, 2010: Adeline had a mild ear infection and went on Amoxicillin for 10 days.

- June 24, 2010: Adeline started growing again (lower Prednisolone dosage not hindering growth). At a doctor’s appointment, Adeline measured two inches taller and weighed 64 lbs.

- August 10, 2010: Adeline continues to experience mood swings, a side effect of the Prednisolone, but they are less frequent. Her nephrologist says the side effects will dissipate in about two months after she stops taking the medication - August 27, 2010: Since mid-January, Adeline has achieved 226 days without a

relapse on alternating-day Prednisolone use. Her recent urine protein tests measures fluctuate between trace and 1.5. Adeline has been drinking the Sedlmayr distilled water for her primary fluid intake and prefers it to other drinks.

- August 29, 2010: Adeline took her last dose of Prednisolone.

- August 31, 2010: Her urine protein levels remain in the acceptable range.

There is no definitive cure for Minimal Change Disease. Many children eventually outgrow it in puberty. However, some continue to suffer relapses well into their

Adulthood. Adeline’s protein levels will require continual monitoring until young adulthood to detect the onset of any potential relapses. We are hopeful that Adeline will remain in remission.

B i o 

Background Summary

More than 15 years of work experience as employee of “Fortune 200” size corporations and more than 25 years as an entrepreneur founder with three start-up companies to his credit. Took a startup company with $5 million initial investment to NASDAQ with a peak market cap of over $120 million. Consults to major Fortune 50 companies on technology and strategic planning. He holds 24 U.S. patents, and at least 24 U.S. patents are in application stages. This has generated over $20 million in invention technology licensing and fees. Youngest recipient of a National Science Foundation grant when he received it. Forefather of HDTV.

Employment History

Consultant, Independent Inventor 1988-Present

Business plan preparation, invention, Illustrator, consultant, tech papers, equipment illustration

Word processing, document preparation, technical manuals, equipment manuals, electrical engineering, physics, chemistry, machine shop work. Setup small computer network will over 50 computers for network rendering and serving.

PatentIt 2002-2003

Illustrator, consultant, tech papers, equipment illustration. Setup small computer network will over 50 computers for network rendering and serving.

EG&G 1989-1990

Word processing, document preparation, technical manuals, equipment manuals

Advanced Display Technology, Inc. (ADTI) 1983-1988 Founder/Chairman of the Board/President

Electronic and Computer Systems, Inc. (ECS) 1977-1983 Founder/Chairman of the Board/President

Conrac Corp. 1975-1977 Engineer

Martin Marrietta Corp. 1967-1974 Manager for Configuration Control Engineer


Attended Colorado School of Mines in Golden, Colorado and University of Colorado. Course work in

physics, mathematics, computer science, electronics, and geology. Attended and completed courses in

electronics and computers at Martin Marrietta Institute while working at Martin Marrietta.

Business Experience Highlights

Invention of new technology for water processing and build of product. Electrical engineering design, layout, circuit board build. Machining of materials, physics, preparation of business plans, proposal writing, product development, processing and filing of patents, US and world wide, word processing, business operations, management, illustration, PowerPoint presentations, technical manuals, operating manuals, equipment manuals, funding, chemistry, physics, medical applications. Licensing of products to charity organizations. Legal writing, negotiating, document origination for legal documents.

Licensed technologies of video display to A.U.O. in Taiwan with over nine (12) patents issued in this field and

19 pending. Electrical engineering design, layout, circuit board build. Machining of materials, physics, preparation of business plans, proposal writing, product development, processing of and filing of patents, US and world wide, word processing, business operations, management, illustration, PowerPoint presentations, technical manuals, equipment manuals, funding, chemistry, physics, video applications. Legal writing, negotiating, document origination for legal documents.

Consulted for and designed displays, inventions and floats for the Disney Corporation. The floats for the parade down Main Street incorporated fiber optic technology designed and implemented by Mr. Sedlmayr, along with video projection on the floats. Also helped in the Fantasmic show conceptualization for a water screen and lasers emitting ro the Mickey Mouse character. Furthermore, helped conceptualize a new firework

launch system that used no powder and was more environmentally friendly than current firework technology capable of reducing pollutants by 70%. Built and demonstrated an inflatable Mickey Mouse figure that was totally lit from inside/outside by fiber optics and capable of displaying video and animation on and throughout the figure.

Consulted for and animated inventions of Jerome Lemelson regarding machine vision and bar code reading for Lemelson lawyers for court case. Helped with determination of claims and language interpretation for lawyers, along with technical expertise.

Worked at Rocky Flats Nuclear Facility at word processor. Confidential security clearance.

Invented and designed new light/optical system that is more than three (3) times more efficient for lighting solutions for cinema projectors, and demonstrated and received monies from Christie for it.

Invented and designed a video projector that is several times brighter and more efficient than the current technology, along with 3-D displays, that has been licensed out and generated more than $17 million in license fees and royalties.

Helped as a consultant to Arthur-Anderson to build a working prototype of his hard disk invention on computer storage. Designed and implemented an electronic mock-up prototype to demonstrate the feasibility of the product.

Consultant to a home building contractor for computerizing their business and establishing a computer design center for faster design of homes for clients and a quicker turnaround time on building homes. This system generated a walk through design of the home that the clients could visualize and see within a matter of days from the initial consultation of the design meeting.

Founded a high-technology fiber optic manufacturing company. Raised initial capital of $6 million and with expansion took the company public with listing on NASDAQ and over 5,000 stockbrokers. Stock handled by 36 brokerage firms with the stock being, on several occasions, the most active on NASDAQ. Market up at peak was over $125 million before stock crash of 1987. Setup original structure and supervised marketing, sales, engineering, administrative, and finance areas. Negotiated a license agreement with the Mitsubishi Company for use of technology in Japan only, which included a $5 million initial license fee plus royalties.

This included the conception of HDTV and the building of a HDTV laser projection system, and a fiber optic screen to display it. A prototype of his invention was used to persuade Congress to fund HDTV and allow it as a standard in the U.S.

Started, capitalized and ran a company operating computerized sports scoreboard systems. Negotiated agreements with local governments and obtained advertising contracts with major businesses including Coors, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, R. J. Reynolds, and other major advertisers. Operated at McNichols Sports Arena in Denver, Colorado, and Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum in Oakland, California. Also sold advertising for Candlestick Park to San Francisco, California and the Richfield, Ohio Coliseum. Company was sold to the Denver Nuggets in 1983. Generated more than $6 million in advertising fees.

Worked as an engineer on computer installations including sports scoring systems. At the 1976 Montreal Olympics, led the installation of the computerized scoreboard, on field digital displays and laser distance measuring systems. Received a special Award of Merit from the Director of Technology of the Olympic games. Additionally worked on digital electronic weapon systems for the F-15 fighter.

Worked as a Manager for Configuration Control and engineer. Supervised 75 employees in the development and implementation of software for automated airline test equipment and development of interface hardware for computers and test equipment. Also, worked on the Viking Project receiving a special Certificate of Acknowledgment from NASA for that work. Helped in the initial design of the silicon for the integrated chips and reviewed designs and implementation of manufacturing of chips. Tested and trouble shot silicon components. Worked during high school as a mathematician in Theoretical Mathematic, Space Flight Mechanics Department and in the Propulsion Department.

Invention and Technology Experience Highlights

Invented, built prototypes, and has a patent with patents pending on water purification with microwaves, and modification of materials through resonance in their bond structure. Technology is used in the water purification, food industry, beverage industry, chemical industry, fuel source industry, manufacturing industry, super conducting industry, cold fusion industry, energy industry, cosmetic industry, and health industry.

Invented, patented and licensed technology on LCD projection devices that are utilized in a LCD video projection and LCD televisions. Twelve (12) patents have been issued with nineteen (19) patents pending.

Technology licensed to AUO Corporation in Taiwan.

Originated and patented several complex devices and manufacturing techniques in the high-technology field including a laser projector and the world’s first practical large-scale video display screen using fiber optic technology. These inventions required breakthroughs in mechanical engineering, electronics, optics, plastics and the development of new glues and manufacturing technology. Five patents have been issued in this area.

Design of manufacturing processes and implementation thereof. Licensing technology to Mitsubishi Corporation and setting up of their factory in Japan for manufacturing purposes.

Creative and design consultant on theme parks and attractions for Walt Disney Companies, including consultant for parade technologies in relation to visual displays.

Originated pioneering technology in video projectors using crystal light display (LCD devices and high brightness, low heat light sources) to permit brighter video projectors than has ever been possible. New approaches to optics have been utilized.

Co-inventor on new system for the simultaneous storage and retrieval of vast amounts of data in a parallel methodology as opposed to today’s serial methodology. Faster transfer rates will allow faster access for disks and will allow disks to do video server applications. Allows all data on a disk surface to be transferred in one rotation of the disk.

Invented a child’s night-light incorporating automated electronics to provide new security and comfort for children.

Conceived a new electronic aid to allow parents to easily keep track of children in crowds or elsewhere while providing security for the child.

Conceived a new type of operator interface for personal computers that extends the standard keyboard and allows even casual users of computers and programs to easily call up and utilized advanced features of both.

Awards, Honors and Publications

In 1966 became the youngest recipient of the National Science Foundation grant for a project on Arctic and Alpine research.

Award of Merit for Technology, XXI Olympic Games, Montreal, Canada, 1976

Certificate of Acknowledgment, Viking Project, NASA, 1972

Single Mode 2.45 Ghz Microwave Caused Changes in the Structure of Water, and their Remarkable

Stability. Manju L. Rao1, Steven R. Sedlmayr2 and Rustum Roy3,1; 1Materials Research Institute,

Pennsylvania State University, University Park, Pennsylvania; 2Sedlmayr Technologies, LLC, Paradise Valley,

Arizona; 3School of Materials, Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona, Materials Research Society, Boston,

November 27-28, 2007, Symposium V:Materials Science of Water Purification.

Past and Present Societies

Society of Information Display (SID) Society of Optical Engineers (SPIE) Institute of Electrical & Electronic Engineers (IEEE) New York Academy of Sciences Imaging Science Foundation American Association for the Advancement of Science International Who’s Who of Entrepreneurs A past member of American Management Association (AMA) International Who’s Who in Science American Water Works Association (AWWA)

Proficient or have experience in:


Electronic board layout


Computer programs (Word, Excel, etc)

3D CADD software

Video editing (Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere, etc.)

Video setup

Audio editing


Some web page design


Usage of Linux (Suse, Fedora, Red Hat) , Mac OSX, Windows (95 thru Vista)

Project Management

Photography-photography software (Photoshop, Aperture)

Large Screen Displays

Event Planning

Computer maintenance

Equipment Design


Electrical engineering design

Circuit board build

Machining of materials

Preparation of business plans

Proposal writing

Product development

Processing and filing of patents, US and world wide

Word processing

Business operations



PowerPoint presentations

Technical manuals

Operating manuals

Equipment manuals

Legal writing


Document origination for legal documents

Excel spreadsheets


List of Patents Issued

1 7,432,482 Distillation and distillate method by microwaves

2 7,295,371 High efficiency electromagnetic beam projector, and systems and methods for implementation thereof

3 7,154,671 High efficiency electromagnetic beam projector, and systems and methods for implementation thereof

4 7,119,312 Microwave fluid heating and distillation method

5 7,102,822 High efficiency electromagnetic beam projector, and systems and methods for implementation thereof

6 7,081,997 High efficiency electromagnetic beam projector, and systems and methods for implementation thereof

7 6,943,949 High efficiency electromagnetic beam projector, and systems and methods for implementation thereof

8 6,882,476 High efficiency electromagnetic beam projector, and systems and methods for implementation thereof

9 6,791,752 High efficiency electromagnetic beam projector, and systems and methods for implementation thereof

10 6,697,197 High efficiency electromagnetic beam projector, and systems and methods for implementation thereof

11 6,243,198 High efficiency electromagnetic beam projector and systems and method for implementation thereof

12 6,195,231 Thin film magnetic data transfer transducer

13 6,034,818 High efficiency electromagnetic beam projector, and systems and methods for implementation thereof

14 5,995,461 Method and system for simultaneous storage and/or retrieval (storval) of a plurality of data on a disk means

15 5,903,388 High efficiency electromagnetic beam projector and systems and method for implementation thereof

16 5,761,166 Method and system for simultaneous storage and/or retrieval (storval) of a plurality of data on a disk means

17 5,347,644 Three-dimensional image display device and systems and methods for implementation thereof

18 5,347,433 Collimated beam of light and systems and methods for implementation thereof

19 5,307,051 Night light apparatus and method for altering the environment of a room

20 4,950,357 Apparatus for making light transfer devices

21 4,867,530 Low Resolution fiber optic light transfer device

22 4,786,139 Optical fiber light transfer apparatus, method and apparatus for making same

23 4,773,730 Fiber optic light transfer devices and assemblies

24 4,650,280 Fiber optic light transfer device, modular assembly, and method of making

List of Patents Pending

1 20090134152 Microwave nucleon-electron-bonding spin alignment and alteration of materials

2 20070095823 Microwave nucleon-electron-bonding spin alignment and alteration of materials

3 20060289502 Microwave fluid heating and distillation method

4 20060007537 High efficiency electromagnetic beam projector, and systems and methods for implementation thereof

5 20060006172 Microwave fluid heating and distillation method

6 20060006171 Distillation and distillate method by microwaves

7 20050128586 High efficiency electromagnetic beam projector, and systems and methods for implementation thereof

8 20040114241 High efficiency electromagnetic beam projector, and systems and methods for implementation thereof

9 20040114239 High efficiency electromagnetic beam projector, and systems and methods for implementation thereof

10 20040114238 High efficiency electromagnetic beam projector, and systems and methods for implementation thereof

11 20040114237 High efficiency electromagnetic beam projector, and systems and methods for implementation thereof

12 20040114236 High efficiency electromagnetic beam projector, and systems and methods for implementation thereof

13 20040114235 High efficiency electromagnetic beam projector, and systems and methods for implementation thereof

14 20040114234 High efficiency electromagnetic beam projector, and systems and methods for implementation thereof

15 20040105152 High efficiency electromagnetic beam projector, and systems and methods for implemention thereof

16 20040105151 High efficiency electromagnetic beam projector, and systems and methods for implementation thereof

17 20040100697 High efficiency electromagnetic beam projector, and systems and methods for implementation thereof

18 20040100696 High efficiency electromagnetic beam projector, and systems and methods for implementation thereof

19 20040075906 High efficiency electromagnetic beam projector, and systems and methods for implementation thereof

20 20040075905 High efficiency electromagnetic beam projector, and systems and methods for implementation thereof

21 20040075904 High efficiency electromagnetic beam projector, and systems and methods for implementation thereof

22 20030123148 High efficiency electromagnetic beam projector, and systems and methods for implementation thereof

23 20020154404 High efficiency electromagnetic beam projector, and systems and methods for implementation thereof

24 20020024742 High efficiency electromagnetic beam projector, and systems and methods for implementation thereof