Thursday, July 24, 2014

The 11 Items You Should NOT Keep In The Fridge! #4 Saved Me SO Much Money!

It seems like every time I return home from the grocery store, I’m stuck wondering what gets refrigerated and what I can leave out. Constantly throwing away food is the worst! I never knew that these 11 items should actually be stored at room temperature to get more bang for the buck. What a lifesaver!

When it comes to storing food properly, there are a ton of inventions that people swear by, but the easiest thing to do is to just store most items using things you already have in the home, like wax paper or paper bags. A few other items that you shouldn’t refrigerate are: avocados, olive oil, squash and batteries (some people swear by it!).

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#1 Refrigerating tomatoes changes their texture and flavor!


#2 Honey will crystallize and thicken faster in the fridge. Keep it at room temperature.


#3 Garlic will sprout and grow mold in the fridge. Gross!


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