Thursday, July 3, 2014

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The sudden diagnosis of cancer, the realization of its presence within, sends a cold paralysis through the mind, down the spine. The presence of cancer does not always mean that the end is imminent; instead, it can serve as an important message to the entire person, signaling for a new course in life.

The diagnosis of new-found cancer cells can immediately burden one's emotions with grief and stress. At this emotional juncture, it's important to turn the pressure around and begin thanking the cancer for serving as a warning message. Cancer can be a message to a person that the body is under stress, that the cellular environment within is in a state of acidosis and has become an ideal place for fungus to thrive. The cancer is a warning bell tolling on the inside, messaging that the cells are not being properly cared for, that the immune system is weak, that nutrients aren't being properly utilized and that the cells are swelling and not producing adequate energy.

To a typical allopathic oncologist, cancer is not the body communicating its deprived state. Many doctors will put a death sentence in a patient's mind, numbering their days. To them, cancer is a sudden and overwhelming attack. They think that it's inescapable, and that it must be immediately cut out, radiated or doused in chemotherapy cocktails -- procedures that show little to no mercy for a patient. These approaches are oftentimes desperate and do not look at underlying causes and co-factors that have compromised the body's normal function and energy production of cells. 

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