Friday, July 11, 2014

7 charts that explain America's stress problem

Nearly half of the Americans report having a seriously stressful event in the past year. But how, exactly, does that stress affect the general population, and how do people deal with high levels of it?

A new study from NPR, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and the Harvard School of Public Health attempts to tackle the issue. The groups surveyed 2,505 Americans to look at how stress affects different aspects of their lives. Here are seven of the most telling findings from the report.

1) Health-related problems topped major stressful events in the past year


The biggest causes of stress seem to be health-related: illness, disease, and the death of a loved one. Lower down the list are life changes and transitions, such as moving to a new neighborhood, city, or state, or problems with personal relationships, like separation with a significant other or divorce.

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