Tuesday, July 29, 2014

6 Reasons You’re Tired All The Time & How To Beat Fatigue

You feel so tired and low in energy that you don’t even want to leave the bed. It’s morning, but you wish it was evening, so you could slumber back to sleep in a guilt-less way. Even going to the bathroom feels like a chore. We all have these zombie-like days sometimes. But if they persist day after day, and you drag yourself around for weeks or months on end, then it’s time to look at what could be causing your fatigue. Here are some possibilities:

1. Nutritional deficiencies and what you eat

We eat to get fuel. Just like a car, to keep running, our body needs refueling. We need food for all our metabolic functions. Metabolism is a set of chemical reactions that take place in your cells. It breaks the food down, and provides energy for the body’s functioning. There you go, your own little alchemy lab. The key is to get the right fuel. And this is where many people get it wrong.

You don’t eat enough good fats

There is this fear of fats in the Western society. People started cutting on fats, but they replaced them with refined carbohydrates, such as white bread, pastas and white rice. When you do that, you get it wrong twice. Not only are processed carbs bad for you and cause sugar crash, by eliminating fats, you are also depriving yourself of a valuable energy source. Fats are body’s best and slowest-burning form of energy – you just need to get the right ones.

There are three types of fats: saturated, non-saturated and trans fats (AKA trans fatty acids). Saturated and trans fats clog the arteries and are the real bad boys. You have to look for food that contains less saturated fats and/or trans fats and is rich in what we call essential fatty acids. Foods like avocados, nuts and fish contain them and should definitely feature on your menu.

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You eat inflammatory foods

Certain foods are also known as inflammatory foods and can cause food intolerances. Gluten and diary can cause fatigue, so you might want to start by eliminating them from your diet and see if that changes anything.

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You have vitamin and mineral deficiencies

Different vitamin and mineral deficiencies can cause a chronic feeling of tiredness too. The most important to look out for are iron, vitamin D and B vitamins. Iron deficiency, known as anemia, is especially common in women with heavy menstrual periods.

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