Monday, June 9, 2014

Vaccine illusion exposed by doctor in revealing book


The vaccine debate has never really been a fair one because of a general misunderstanding of immunity, especially within the medical and scientific communities. In her book Vaccine Illusion, Dr. Tetyana Obukhanych addresses this issue, highlighting how vaccines actually destroy natural immunity and make people more susceptible to disease.

Released as a downloadable e-book, Vaccine Illusion provides a thorough analysis of vaccine dogma and how mainstream beliefs about antibodies and immunity came to be. An immunologist herself, Dr. Obukhanych takes her readers on a journey that covers the history of vaccination, the concept of "herd immunity," immunologic memory and its role in conferring natural immunity apart from vaccines, and more.

"[I]n the debate over vaccine safety, we have lost sight of a bigger problem: how vaccination campaigns wipe out our herd immunity and endanger the very young," explains the book's description. "Written by an immunologist, Vaccine Illusion explains why vaccines cannot give us lasting immunity to infectious diseases and how they jeopardize our natural immunity and overall health." 

Journey from vaccine advocate to vaccine whistleblower

As an immunologist, Dr. Obukhanych was indoctrinated into the vaccine gospel, believing for years that without them people would be dying left and right from preventable diseases. But as she began to look deeper into the matter, the truth began to emerge -- mainly that most of what we have all been told about the nature of vaccines is false.

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