Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Natural herbs that can stimulate weight loss

Anyone who has ever tried to lose weight and keep it off knows how hard it can be. Dieters are constantly on the look out for any new product or pill that will give them an edge and allow them to slim down quick. Problem is, there is no “miracle” pill: losing weight requires hard work and dedication. Besides, many of those pills are unsafe and provide only temporary results. Diet and exercise are key to shedding pounds and looking one’s best.

However, there are certain herbs that can be added to a diet to help with shedding excess weight. These herbs come in pill or liquid form and are taken directly from the plant’s leaves so they’re all natural. They are used to enhance a dieters bodily functions, like metabolism, so weight loss is a little easier.

Here are the best herbs for weight loss:
  • Green Tea Extract: This herb has catechins (a type of antioxidants),which are proven to increase metabolism and stimulate the body’s ability to burn fat. Dieters can take two 400 mg pills a day or add 20 drops of the liquid to a drink or even food (like soup).
  • Fish oil: This is one of the most popular herbs for weight loss because it is the most effective when it comes to burning fat.  Fish oil contains omega fatty acids, which reconditions the body to use its fat for fuel instead if storing it.
studies have shown a good exercise routine combined with fish oil can lower body fat and curb cravings. Take between 1,00 and 2,00 grams a day. Start slow and gradually increase your dosage.

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