Monday, June 30, 2014

Is veganism child abuse?

A mother is arrested for infant neglect after a hospital crisis that began with her veganism

Is veganism child abuse?
Sarah Anne Markham
In a case likely to kick up — yet again – the debate over parental responsibility regarding how children are fed, a Florida mother was arrested Tuesday for child neglect and her newborn was admitted to the hospital in a crisis that started over vegan beliefs.

Local news station WESH reports that Sarah Anne Markham’s pediatrician alerted authorities after the woman’s 12-day-old baby appeared dehydrated during a doctor visit. 

The doctor said that Markham refused the medical advice to admit the child to the hospital or take the medicine offered, on the grounds that “it contained ingredients that came from animals.” After police were summoned to her home, Markham reportedly told them that she’d purchased organic soy formula for the baby, and that “she wanted to pursue a religion-based treatment and she had contacted a ‘natural’ or vegan doctor, but police said she did not share any proof of this to them.” Police added that “They asked Markham if the product was confirmed with a doctor that it was safe to give the newborn, and she replied saying that since it was organic, it must be OK.” The baby remains in protective custody.

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  1. We get these people at Health Wyze all of the time. They normally expect to hear us applauding them, when they arrive. Usually the child is either dying, or it has begun exhibiting the symptoms of mental retardation. This is something that will quickly become permanent, by the way. The twisted vegan/vegetarian parents will argue that they have "a right" to malnourish their children, or that thousands of years of nutritional learning does not apply to them. It really is like trying to argue with someone from a very twisted religious cult. The only way to help their children is to call for social services to get involved. We have learned that the hard way, again and again. Unfortunately, the interventions are sometimes delayed, because the social service employees do not always understand enough about nutrition themselves to immediately spot the dangers, and the already obvious consequences. The bottom line is that young children desperately need lots of protein, and I mean REAL protein, including red meats -- not soy and "plant-based protein". Soy should not be considered safe for human consumption, in general.