Friday, June 13, 2014

3 Liters of Water a Day Could Take 10 Years Off Your Face and More!


I feel fitter, leaner and healthier, and my husband and friends tell me I look ten years younger. Who in their right mind would not want to try something which gets such incredible results?”- Sarah Smith

Its something so simple that we often take for granted how much of a difference it can make. Our bodies are made up mostly of water and need water to function and thrive. When our organs are functioning properly our bodies have this amazing way of renewing themselves. By getting enough daily purified water we can flush toxins and keep our system well hydrated and efficient. . One woman named Sarah from the UK decided to drink 3 liter’s of water per day for 1 month to see if she could improve her headaches, poor digestion, and lack of energy.

Some of Sara’s most noted benefits were

More energy
Clearer thoughts
Increased flexibility
Natural weight loss, and less hunger
Full body hydration
Body detoxification
Clearer skin
Skin rejuvenation and increase in elasticity
Regular trips to the restroom
No headaches
Decreased cellulite

Here is her account of her 4 week journey.

“You might think I’d have little in common with a camel, but we do share one useful skill: both of us can go for a very long time without water.

Usually I start my day with a cup of tea, then I might have a glass of water with my lunch and one with dinner – that’s about a litre of liquid in 24 hours. It feels like plenty, but apparently it’s not nearly enough.

After years of suffering headaches and poor digestion I spoke to a neurologist about my regular headaches and a nutritionist about my poor digestion, and both told me I should be drinking up to three litres of liquid a day for my body to function at its best.

Then, when I read a recent survey suggesting that at least one in five women in the UK consumes less than the recommended daily intake of water, I decided to conduct an experiment. What would happen if I drank the recommended amount every day for a month?

The photograph of me taken the day I started this trial demonstrates perfectly – and rather frighteningly – what a lack of hydration does to a face.

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