Thursday, May 8, 2014

Why you should avoid Chewing Gum

Why you should avoid Chewing Gum 

We tend to assume that as we do not swallow chewing gum then how can it possibly harm us? However most brands contain an alarming number of toxic ingredients which can actually enter our bloodstreams through the walls of our mouths. Labels are misleading with many hidden toxic ingredients. Please read this before choosing your next brand of gum….

Gum is the most toxic product in supermarkets being fatal to pets that accidentally ingest it. Shockingly commercial gum products contain more or less the same toxic ingredients but, with the lack of detail on the labels, we are not necessarily aware of the dangers. We do actually absorb some of these into our mouth tissues but our bodies cannot digest these nasties as they bypass the normal filtration process used in normal digestion. Research has shown that some of the most popular brands can be the most toxic product intended for consumption.

Let’s take a look more closely at the ingredients:

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