Tuesday, May 13, 2014

It’s Time We Retire The Statement “A Real Woman.” Isn’t It?

real women hdr

Do you see the image above? Is it really portraying an unbiased message? Not really. In many cases the new trend is to focus on the fact that we have become culturally obsessed with skinny and slim that we for the most part do not appreciate more curvy women. Then there are those on the other side that say that curvy women are real women while skinny women are not. But is this true?

Last time I checked, the word ‘real’ referred to something actually existing as a thing or occurring in fact; it’s not something that is imagined or supposed. So this means that if you see a woman, man, dog, cat, lemonade stand or even an earwig under the BBQ mat (eeeeeeeehheeee) it’s REAL! Unless of course you are on a hallucinogen and are imagining it being there.

In all seriousness, a real woman, and even a real man, is whoever we are. ‘Real’ isn’t any specific thing. So we don’t need to create campaigns and movements focused on showing what’s real. We simply need to accept what is in all cases and culturally let go of the perceptions we place on what beauty is and what ‘real’ is.

Imagine for an instance that we suddenly went the other direction completely and now “real” meant more curvy women. How does the girl or women who has a very skinny body type feel? The same thing goes for men. Many men hit the gym in an attempt to achieve the correct body weight, shape and look in order to be considered muscular and good-looking. Reality is, this is just another illusion -and with having a decent background in kinesiology, some men, just like women, have body types that don’t allow them to achieve the body types their ego’s are after.


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