Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Truth and lies about cancer


Cancer...the dreaded C word is probably the scariest word in our vocabulary because the very mention of it has struck fear into the hearts of so many people. According to the American Cancer Society, cancer is the second leading cause of death in this country. Why such staggering statistics? Why do some people get cancer and others don't? Why do some heal and others don't?

Deficiency and toxicity

In order to find the answers regarding this cancer Goliath we have to understand where physical illnesses originate. You see the human body is made up of trillions of tiny microscopic cells. Two reasons why the cells in our body get corrupted and malfunction are deficiency and toxicity. Our cells malfunction and create a breeding ground for physical problems when they are not getting enough of what they need to function properly (i.e. nutritional deficiency) and are being exposed to toxins which can corrupt their originally designed function (i.e. toxicity).

Cancer's origin 

So what exactly is cancer? Cancer is not just the tumor or lump as that may only be the symptom of the cancer, which is why people can get the lump removed only to have the same lump or another appear later. In truth, cancer is the result of malfunctioning cells which is largely due to internal deficiency and external toxicity. Cancer is not the result of a lack of fundraisers, drugs, surgery, radiation, synthetic (fake) over-the-counter vitamins or "good luck". Because cancer is big busine$$ there are many groups that have a vested interest in making sure that people believe the lie that if they just donate a little more, walk a little longer, or try the newest drug on the market, the problem of cancer will be solved. Only those who are sincerely deceived or desiring to put profit before people's welfare would perpetuate these cancer myths. The politics and myths about cancer propagated in the media by "Big Pharma" and the medical establishment is causing people more harm than the disease itself.

Now, there are many sincere doctors who know and speak the truth but by and large the medical establishment seems to be only interested in drugs, surgery, and radiation because these maintain the disease by only addressing the symptoms not the cause. Trying to solve toxicity in the body by putting more toxicity in the body (in the form of drugs, etc.) is not the solution.

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