Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Fred Bisci. Ph.D. | Your Healthy Journey: Discovering Your Body's Full Potential

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S y n o p s i s 

It is always inspirational to see people who survive and thrive against all odds. They are true inspirations for us all. You will love listening to Dr. Fred Bischi's story and how he has helped thousands reach their full potential and good health when traditional medicine had given up on them. Now in his 80s, Fred continues to live life at his fullest. What's your excuse?

Fred Bisci reflects upon his 40 plus years of experience working with more than 35,000 patients in the areas of nutritional prevention of illness and healing. Dr Bisci also discussed reversing Type 2 diabetes with a raw food or health regimen diet. He characterized Type 2 diabetes as lifestyle related, brought on by eating too many processed foods. While there are different emphases in raw food, such as fruit vs. greens/sprouts, the common denominator in healing, is leaving out the processed and unhealthy foods, he said.

B i o 

Dr. Fred Bisci has a Ph.D. in Nutritional Science and has run an active, pioneering practice in New York City for over forty years. He has helped over 35,000 people with numerous health issues. He does this by guiding them into a change of eating and drinking lifestyles using the Real Fresh Food Approach. His outlook is unique, not just from a dietary or nutritional standpoint but also from a biochemical appreciation of how the multiple variables in the human body directly relate, and to the attention that is paid to what we leave out of our lifestyle, followed by what we put in. 

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