Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Drinking Coffee May Cut Risk of Colon Cancer

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Drinking just one to two cups of coffee a day may reduce the risk of colon cancer, a new study suggests.
Researchers examined coffee consumption among nearly 8,500 people in Israel, including about 5,000 who had colorectal cancer and 3,500 who did not have cancer. On average, the people in the study drank just less than two cups of coffee per day.

Overall, the odds of having colorectal cancer were about 30 percent lower for coffee drinkers than for those who did not drink coffee, the study found. [9 Snack Foods: Healthy or Not?
And the more coffee people drank, the lower their likelihood was of developing the disease, the researchers said.

While it's still too soon to recommend drinking coffee as a way to lower colorectal-cancer risk, "I think, certainly, the level of evidence is building towards that," said study researcher Stephanie Stenzel, a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Southern California's Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center. Stenzel presented the findings here at the meeting of the American Association for Cancer Research.

Compared with the risk for people who drank less than one cup of coffee per day, the odds of developing colorectal cancer were 22 percent lower for people who drank one to two cups a day, 44 percent lower for those who drank two to two-and-a-half cups a day and 59 percent lower for those who drank more than two-and-a-half cups per day.

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