Friday, March 7, 2014

How to Prevent Injury When Working Out


Getting fit and in shape isn’t as straightforward as simply hitting the gym or doing lots of exercise. The reality is, if you do it wrong – you could cause yourself a painful injury. Developing a healthy workout routine is important. It’s not just about working the right muscles and burning the right amount of calories. You also need to make sure that a healthy routine is put in place and followed carefully. There’s a huge difference between doing things the right way or the wrong way when working out. You might actually be doing yourself physical harm without even realising it. We’re going to look at some of the best ways of protecting yourself from potential injury when trying to get fit.

Warm up correctly

This one is self explanatory, right? You’d be surprised how many people ignore it and set themselves up for injury before they’ve even started. Warming up correctly is important. Don’t just go through the motions for show – you need to loosen up every muscle group and area of your body. You might think you don’t “need” to warm up a certain area of your physique because you don’t intend to focus on it in your workout, but many exercises use a surprising amount of different muscle groups. That means you need to make sure they’re all ready to go and warmed up for your workout.

Warming up makes sure your muscles get enough blood and nutrients supplied to them, and this is important for any workout. Skipping this step could result in muscle tears.

Stretch properly

Many people forget that you need to stretch both before and after a workout. Stretching afterwards will increase your flexibility and make you look leaner.

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