Thursday, February 6, 2014

Surviving When Modern Medicine Fails

So what’s your back up plan if our current medical system were to unravel right before your eyes. Oh wait, I think that might be happening now!
Will you be prepared to take control of your families health should medical care suddenly become unavailable.  Do you think you would survive if you found yourself cut off from traditional medical treatments during a crisis.  Could you survive if your prescription drugs were no longer produced or distributed?
I’m not talking about the famed Zombie Apocalypse here but things don’t seem to be heading in a positive direction with our current state of affairs.  This speculation of the “what would we do if” certainly isn’t new and the thought has occurred to many people as they have to live through natural disasters or impoverished conditions and other situations which find them without access to proper medical care.

So what is your game plan if something like this should happen in your lifetime?  Are you preparing for worse case scenario without letting paranoia and panic creep into your emotional well-being?

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