Monday, February 3, 2014

Permanent weight loss can be as simple as getting back to nature: Six tips to help

While losing weight can be relatively easy for most people who put their minds to it, keeping it off long term is another matter altogether. For most, lost weight will return over a relatively short time because the person losing the weight has only made temporary changes to their diet and lifestyle.

Once weight is lost, most people gradually resume their 'normal' lifestyle and diet: re-igniting food addictions, overloading the organs and undermining the metabolism with a cocktail of chemical food additives, GM ingredients and food sensitivities they don't realize they have.

To lose weight and keep it off old habits must be replaced with new ones. Food allergies and sensitivities must be eliminated and the mindset with regard food and its purpose must change.

Six tips to help you to not only lose weight, but keep it off forever:

1. Avoid processed foods - Avoid highly processed foods as much as possible for both good health and weight management. Most processed foods contain highly processed sugars, processed salt that has been stripped of its minerals leaving pure sodium chloride, highly processed cheap, health destroying vegetable oils, genetically modified ingredients and synthetic chemical additives.

Read the ingredients on the labels of many packaged foods and you'll find that they contain ingredients that belong in a laboratory, not your pantry! Chemical additives combined with highly processed sugars, salt, starches and oils will gradually undermine your health by overworking organs, confusing or overstimulating the nervous system and mimicking hormones - all of which can gradually impact body fat levels.

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