Monday, January 13, 2014

The Teflon Deception: It Releases Toxic Fumes When Heated

Here’s a sign that Teflon coating could cause serious health problems: It gives off fumes that kill birds! Veterinarians call it “Teflon Toxicosis” and it happens because birds develop powerful respiratory reactions to Teflon fumes.

Reports of Teflon-Killed Birds

When a Teflon-lined oven was used to bake biscuits at 325 degrees Fahrenheit, an owner reported the death of his parrots.

When four stovetop burners lined with Teflon drip pans were preheated for a meal, 14 birds died within15 minutes.

When teflon-coated heat lamp bulbs were installed in chicken pens, half of the chicken population passed away within a few days.

With accounts like these, it’s astonishing anyone still uses Teflon.

In April 2003, the Environmental Working Group filed a petition with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to take action against Dupont for an 18-year cover-up regarding the dangers of Teflon”s chemical – PFOA. DuPont was fined 16.5 million dollars for failing to report the dangers of this chemical.

Toxic Fumes from Heated Teflon

According to Environmental Working Group (EWG), fumes from heated Teflon are made up of four “extremely toxic” gases:

PFIB – Was used as a nerve gas during World War One.
MFA – Described as a gas that “can kill people at low doses.”
PFOA – A carcinogen in animals, causes birth defects and infertility.
PTFE – Classified as carcinogenic to animals, and “likely carcinogenic to humans”.

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