Thursday, January 16, 2014

Insightful Connections to Universal Love

Every day this year, I am seeing and feeling amazing insights into what this year is unleashing for us all. I wanted to share it with you because truly, we are all in this incredible time on Earth together and I feel that we are so fortunate to be able to re-create ourselves and in turn, re-create our world.

All of us are feeling the changes that are opening up to us on a daily basis. This is important because this change involves everyone. As this year swings into action, we are going to discover that manifestations will be happening in the blink of an eye due to the vibration of your perception and thought form. We will also discover that we are becoming more intuitive and even telepathic. Some of us will feel spirits more and even see orbs with our eyes instead of our cameras. Truly we are in a profound time.

As an intuitive reader and energy healer, I feel the cosmos is opening doors for us in ways we can't even imagine. The Universe is making herself known with huge swings like a new moon (new beginnings) on January 1st, the Solar flip that occurs every 11 years but this time happened with many astrological combinations, and many more synchronistic conjunctions that bring us into a vast expansiveness that effects our perceptions of life.

So here's the pattern I see right now:

1) Relationships are continually being challenged for us to learn of our own independence and yet make choices on who we not only will be partnering with, but who our friends are vs. who they will be. This is because as we change, so does the vibration around us. Starting new lives and new relationships is ideal right now. Eventually, we will grow from this into sustainable communities of people who know what it feels like to accept each other and live in harmony helping out where and when we can.

2) The expansiveness that is occurring this year means we can manifest immediately if we do not deny that we can. It will happen anyway, but this year, it's coming with a 1-2 punch... so keep open and stay creative.

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