Thursday, January 16, 2014

'I have not used shampoo in FIVE years'

How one woman's hair became HEALTHIER when she stopped washing it

One woman has described the results of how not washing her hair for five years has actually made it healthier.

Jacquelyn Baers says that she stopped using shampoo out of fear for its many chemicals, and has not looked back since.

In photos it does not look like Ms Baers has greasy hair, but rather full and healthy locks.


No shampoo: Jacquelyn Baers has not used shampoo in five years and says her hair is healthier as a result

Ms Baers initially recounted her no-shampoo experience on a blog titled Little Owl Crunchy Mama.

She told Huffington Post that her road to all-natural hair care initially started with her buying organic shampoos and conditioners.

But those products proved to be rather pricey, so Ms Baers decided to try an apple cider vinegar and baking powder remedy for a few years instead.

‘It wasn't working for me -- it was making hair dry, and greasy, and back and forth,’ she said of the homemade recipe.

That is when Ms Baers decided to stop using anything to clean her hair at all.

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