Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Add Years To Your Life With These Longevity Tips

Most of us would probably enjoy living for a thousand years, and although that is still not an attainable goal, there are longevity tips that can help you live longer and feel better while doing it. Science and modern medicine have greatly extended our lifespan from the meager middle 30s just a couple of hundred years ago to a hefty 75+. While genetics does play a part in how long we live, it actually accounts for far less than you might imagine – your lifestyle really makes a much greater difference in your longevity than your genes do.

It really doesn’t matter when you begin using longevity tips to live longer, even someone in their 70s or 80s can improve their health and find that they are enjoying more years than they might have felt possible.

longevity tips 
- Stress is one of the worst products of the world today. While it is true that people have been subjected to stress since antiquity, because of our instant communications and the complex problems we face every day, it’s not too surprising that many of us suffer the effects of stress: high blood pressure, depression, cardiac trouble, and acute anxiety. If you want to help remove detrimental stress from your life, meditation can provide you with a way. Helping you to shut out the world and relax for a time lets you put things into perspective. You’ll find that meditation not only reduces stress, but gives you a more optimistic outlook generally. It’s easy to learn and has no detrimental side effects.

- Grumpiness saps years from your life, and one great, cheap, and easy to do longevity tip is to ‘lighten up’. Being in a perpetually foul mood with a pessimistic outlook can shorten your lifespan by nearly 15%. Trying to see the upside rather than the downside of everything can help you live longer.

- As a corollary to grumpiness, try laughing every day. Laughter has been found to have a number of life-enhancing benefits, such as releasing endorphins, expanding blood vessels for improved circulation, boosting the immune system, and relaxing you. It also helps to negate adrenaline and cortisol, stress hormones that can build up in your system during the day.

- We have all heard of the benefits of regular physical checkups, and this is another great tip to increase your longevity. A yearly checkup can identify medical conditions when they are just beginning, and when they are easily treatable.

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