Monday, January 20, 2014

5 Ways to Improve Memory the Natural Way


Although there is no solid scientific evidence that can establish the inverse correlation between age and memory, it is believed that one’s ability to retain information by means of memory decreases through age. Memory loss is believed to be prevalent mostly among the elderly, and many studies have shown there to be a connection between age and memory loss.

There are no known cures for memory loss. There are however accepted methods and techniques that can help improve memory, both medical and alternative ways. Here are five ways methods of improving memory the natural way:

• Eat right. Maintaining a healthy, well-balanced diet can improve memory considerably. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables that are rich in vitamins and minerals. Add protein or protein substitutes into your diet and include a substantial amount of carbohydrates, healthy fats, and fibers for a healthy diet. Maintain a diet plan that can work well with your health dietary needs. Maintaining a healthy diet will increase metabolism and keep your energy levels high, and this will eventually lead to an improved memory.

Examples of food items that help boost memory are fish and seafood, berries, wholegrain, nuts, and tomatoes. These food items are rich in vitamins and minerals that not only help combat disease, but also help boost brainpower for improved memory.

• Get ample rest. Fatigue, stress and anxiety can cause the body to weaken and may result in a poorer memory. Getting a substantial amount of sleep each day and allowing oneself to relax can result in a more invigorated body that is capable of performing tasks better. Proper and ample rest also results in memory improvement.

Fatigue disturbs your concentration and affects your ability to remember things, while inadequate sleep can affect your ability to memorize things. Lack of sleep will also inhibit your brain’s ability to record past or previous events that you need to store in your memory. Get adequate daily sleep and take naps during the day to keep your mind and body refreshed and to prepare your brain for learning new things.

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