Monday, January 20, 2014

10 Amazing Health & Nutritional Benefits of Papaya.

Papaya is an amazingly delicious fruit referred to as ‘fruits of angels’. And let me tell you one more secret! When used on your face on a regular basis you might resemble an angle too. It is very easily available and affordable. You can grow it in your kitchen garden as well. Papaya’s nutritional benefits are really amazing.

This fruit is packed with nutrients that are truly beneficial for health which possess digestive, nutritional and medicinal features with curing capability for many diseases. It features buttery flesh inside the peel and is pear shaped. It is produced in all seasons especially in summer. Papayas are eaten in yellow ripen state or green papaya is added in curries. It is a traditional herbal medicine.

Nutritional Benefits of Papaya

#1: Papaya gives you glowing skin

• Papaya’s nutrition facts are beneficial against acne, pimples and other skin infections. It opens your pores of the skin. Papayas are mostly used in face packs.

• Fresh papayas possess dead cell dissolving ability that gives you a perfectly glowing skin.

• It is protective against skin infections and wounds too. Isn’t it great! This nutritional benefit of papaya is used by all beauty product companies

#2: Helps in digestion

• Papayas contain digestive enzymes that digest proteins by breaking the protein content. The enzyme that helps in digestion is mostly found in unripe state.

• It is full of digestive supplements and is also used in chewing gums. So next time your stomach is upset, cheer it up with a papaya.

#3: Papaya leaves increase the appetite in your body and cures menstrual pain

• The usage of blended papaya leaves in Luke warm water increases appetite in your body.

• The nutritional benefits of papaya are more useful for women, as papaya leaves also works as a cure for menstrual pain. You can take papaya leaf, tamarind and salt along with water that is helpful in frequent pain in women menstruation cycle.


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