Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Top five holiday foods that promote cancer, diabetes, heart disease and premature death


The holiday food rush is on across the USA, and for the next month, Americans will be stuffing their faces with precisely the kind of disease-promoting foods that will cause them to scream, "Where's my free health care?" in early January.

The conventional media will give you all sorts of stories about which holiday foods are "high calorie" or have too many grams of fat, but it seems no one in the mainstream media is willing to tell you the rest of the story: How to avoid the cancer-causing chemicals, toxic heavy metals, GMOs and artificial ingredients found in holiday foods.

In fact, mainstream magazines like Women's Health are still stuck in the old-school paradigm of recommending angel food cake over pecan pie because the angel food cake, "Has virtually no fat!" Gee, it's almost like riding in a holiday time travel machine back to 1986, when doctors swore that eggs were deadly and partially-hydrogenated vegetable oil would lower cholesterol and reduce heart attacks.

So for those who wish to benefit from cutting-edge nutritional wisdom gleaned from 2013 and not the 1980s, Natural News gives you the real story on what you truly need to avoid. Here's the list:

#1) Artificially colored Christmas cookies

If it's artificially colored, it's bad for you. And when it comes to holiday cookies, cakes, muffins and other treats, Americans have been brainwashed into thinking that Christmas time somehow means all their foods should be inundated with synthetic RED and GREEN dyes.

How do you make a batch of Christmas cookies? You take a regular batch of cookies and you dump a bunch of green food coloring in it. Then you put red sprinkles on top, feed 'em to the kids and watch them all climb the walls while their parents scramble to find their ADHD medication.

For the rest of the story:

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