Monday, December 16, 2013

The TOP 3 reasons why YOU should be eating LARD

I have a confession to make…I used to think lard was unhealthy. *gasp*

I mean, just the word “LARD” sounds unhealthy, right? Three years ago when I made the decision to take charge of my health I decided to just follow along with what I thought other healthy people were doing.

Eating Salads. Eating Low-fat. Eating Plant-based. So I did the same.

And although I did lose weight when I started to eat this way, it was mostly due to what I was NOT eating, instead of what I WAS eating. I was not eating processed foods at all, or very rarely. Trust me, when you stop eating processed junk your body does a back flip and loses weight pronto.

But although I was glad to lose weight, I was unhappy with how I felt.

Most of the time I felt tired, sluggish, forgetful, overwhelmed, anxious & depressed. I knew there was a way to regain my health. Would I have heartache & trials? Would I struggle? Yes. This life is not perfect & people are not perfect. But our purpose in this life is to learn, to overcome, to grow and progress. And call me crazy, but I believe God did provide a way for us to maintain our health in the best way possible during our time here. He placed an incredible variety of plants AND animals on this earth. And he placed them here for our nourishment.

And OH, how I needed to be nourished.

I dug deeper in my research than I probably have ever done, because I needed to know which foods were good for my body and which were not. I studied history and how our ancestors ate. I also studied life BEFORE the Industrialization of Food, before we all became so confused as to what our bodies really need. I was so so very tired of all the rules thrown at me about food every time I turned on the TV, or read a magazine, or talked to my neighbor, or scrolled Facebook.

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