Wednesday, December 4, 2013

DIY: Top 10 Packaged Foods You Should Never Buy


Cultured or fermented foods have a long history in virtually all native diets, and have always been highly prized for their health benefits. The culturing process produces beneficial microbes that are extremely important for human health as they help balance your intestinal flora, thereby boosting overall immunity. Fermented foods are also some of the best chelators and detox agents available, meaning they can help rid your body of a wide variety of toxins, including heavy metals. While you may be able to find fermented vegetables for sale in your local supermarket, you’re much better off culturing them at home—it’s both easy and far less expensive.


Canned soup typically contains large amounts of processed salt, additives, MSG, and genetically engineered ingredients. Many companies also still use cans with bisphenol-A (BPA) in the lining. This plastic chemical has been identified as a potent endocrine disruptor, which means it can mimics or interfere with your body’s hormones and “disrupt” your endocrine system. Making home-made soup is easy to learn and ensures you know exactly what’s in it.


Stock and bouillon is even easier to make from scratch than soup. Instead of composting potato peels, onion skins, leek tops, and eggplant stems, freeze them and make stock when you have enough.

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