Thursday, November 21, 2013

Navigating A Holiday Party Without Sabotaging Your Health


I have to be honest, during the holidays it can be hard for me not to give into nostalgic cravings and indulge on foods I typically try to steer clear of throughout the rest of the year. It’s the holidays for goodness sakes and I want to celebrate like everyone else!

Unfortunately, many holiday parties in the past consistently resulted in post holiday bulge. Every January, I used to find my “skinny jeans” tighter and my waist line generally uncomfortable when I sat down. Do you know the feeling? And let’s not even talk about how I felt mentally – tired all the time and not self-confident at all. I hate those feelings!

After I started learning about what was really in my food, I made a conscious decision not to eat toxic chemicals in processed food regardless the time of year because I knew they were responsible for making me gain weight and making me want to eat more. If there was something I really wanted to eat that I knew was filled with additives, artificial ingredients or other questionable substances, I vowed to myself to make it at home with my own organic ingredients so I could indulge. And oh boy, do I indulge with my own homemade treats without the weight gain!

I have received so many letters from you lately about navigating holiday parties and how to handle them – this letter from Barbara really hit a nerve and inspired this post. Barbara writes:
With the holidays approaching, as a non-GMO organic food eater I (and I’m sure many of your readers) could use some food etiquette advice. I’ve been invited to Thanksgiving dinner at a friends and I’m sure they will not be serving one single food item that I feel comfortable eating. At this point I feel my only option is to “call in sick” which is rude but no more rude than showing up with my own food or not eating the food so graciously being offered. Any helpful advice on how to handle these dilemmas over the holidays? I would humbly appreciate your advice.
-Barbara R.
Because we live in an overly processed food world, it’s so important to prepare yourself for navigating holiday parties, whether it be during a conventional family meal you may share with loved ones or the annual cocktail party your neighbor generously hosts. Whatever the occasion, here’s what to do: (Barbara I hope this helps!)

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