Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Use This Oil to Prevent Sickness This Winter. Hint: It’s not Coconut

cin oil pg 

Prevention is the key to avoiding illness, especially this winter. You’ve heard it over and over. Get a flu shot. But this year there are some new emerging virulent microbes, causing intense sickness and fear. The new viruses or variations have no magic bullets offering escape. For instance, there are new influenza strains that were not included in this year’s flu vaccine.

Of growing concern is the recently new morphed ‘norovirus’, which is spreading like lightening, and is extremely contagious. Hospitals are being overwhelmed with critically ill patients. 

Symptoms from this norovirus can be severe, leading to dehydration, and life threatening complications. The norovirus is being referred to as the ‘winter’ vomiting disease, or stomach flu, although it is not technically influenza, AKA flu. It is easier to catch the norovirus than influenza.

Unlike the influenza (flu) virus, that is spread by inhaling air droplets from coughing or sneezing, norovirus lives on surfaces for many weeks. Imagine, everything your hand touches, can potentially carry norovirus, long after those it has infected are gone. Within hours, violent sickness can emerge.

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